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Spend Valentine’s Day Weekend in One of Three Restaurants with Romantic Heated & Safe Outdoor Dining Options in Ridgewood


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Ridgewood NJ, this Valentine’s Day Weekend, dine in a private romantic outdoor dining bubble or greenhouse in beautiful downtown Ridgewood, New Jersey. Three of Ridgewood’s most innovative restaurants have set up private, COVID-safe outdoor dining options that are both heated and incredibly romantic. Each restaurant has curated prix fixe or Chef’s Tasting menus serving up three different cuisines, some available for only a limited time.

Each restaurant has its own uniquely heated dining option that allows guests to comfortably enjoy their meals outside. It’s Greek to Me’s eight individual greenhouse are well-equipped with electric wall heaters that are outfitted with stainless steel casings and mounted on the roofs of each greenhouse. Shumi Japanese Cuisine’s eight outdoor bubble tents are heated with rechargeable, heated back and seating pads on all chairs within each bubble. Pearl Restaurant’s six outdoor igloos are heated by a natural gas furnace that is connected to the restaurant’s internal heating system.


It’s Greek to Me is offering a five-course prix fixe menu that offers a wide array of Mediterranean classics. Shumi Japanese Cuisine is highlighting their Omakase, which refers to the Chef’s select tasting menu, with two different options: regular (14-piece Omakase sushi with one appetizer) and special (21-piece Omakase sushi with 5 hot appetizers). Pearl Restaurant is offering their most popular dishes which highlight their handmade pastas, freshly prepared sauces, and locally sourced produce.

It’s Greek to Me, Shumi Japanese Cuisine, and Pearl Restaurant all use the same protocol to ensure safe and clean dining spaces for their guests: After each party finishes their meal, the individual space is disinfected and aired out with a sanitary blower, which has been approved by the Governor of New Jersey, the State Department of Health, and the local health department.

All three restaurants are currently accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day weekend.


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