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State Senator Kristin Corrado: Murphy’s Budget Ignores Reality


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Totowa NJ, Senator Kristin Corrado released the following statement in response to the revised Fiscal Year 2021 budget proposed today by Governor Murphy:

Senator Corrado said New Jersey’s governor needs to tighten his belt like residents and business have done, but Murphy’s budget proposal is increasing spending, taxing, and borrowing.

“The budget announced today is proof Governor Murphy is taking New Jersey in the wrong direction.

“Main Street restaurants and small businesses across the state remain closed by order of the Governor while competitors across the state lines are open for business, serving New Jersey customers and sucking money out of our state.

“Shop owners and employers here are cutting back and doing everything possible to survive, and here’s Trenton, spending haphazardly and borrowing money to do it, dooming our state to unaffordability for decades to come.

“The Governor is in denial. The budget he proposed spends even more money than his previous budget, crafted in the best of economic times.

“When money gets tight, families and businesses everywhere cope by reining in spending, cutting back where they can, and living more responsibly. The state should follow that same course.

“Murphy only knows one way: spend, tax, borrow. It’s a vicious cycle that New Jerseyans cannot afford, especially now when the economy has already been crushed by coronavirus edicts and fears.

“Suffering businesses and people losing their jobs will be paying dearly for this irrational spending spree through tax increases and borrowing that is out of control. It has to stop.”

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