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SUPER CHIX Announces an Agreement for at least 23 Restaurants in Northern New Jersey

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Paramus NJ, SUPER CHIX® is pleased to announce the signing of a new franchise development agreement for at least 23 restaurants in Northern New Jersey. “The northern New Jersey area is owned by Tom and Matthew Graziano and will be developed and operated along with operating partner Oscar Gonzalez and their team.  This is an incredibly strong restaurant development group, deeply experienced in business startup, restaurant operations and development in the New Jersey market.  Additionally, they already have sites selected for several SUPER CHIX® restaurants,” said CEO Darryl Neider.

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“I am extremely happy to join the SUPER CHIX® family.  We looked at other premium chicken brands and we chose SUPER CHIX® because of its premium, high-quality products, professional management team and warm and friendly dining experience that caters to its customers,” said Tom Graziano, Principal of the development group.

“Everyone who visits our newly-branded restaurants, samples our food, and experiences our concept, wants to get involved with SUPER CHIX®.  This new market totals more than 200 future SUPER CHIX® restaurant locations.  Additionally, developing new locations in New Jersey unquestionably further strengthens the reach and depth of the SUPER CHIX® Brand.  I am extremely proud of our team, the Super Chix Brand and existing Franchisees – we have accomplished a lot since the beginning of 2020.

SUPER CHIX® is a premium counter-casual, cooked-to-order dining experience bringing together superior and fresh ingredients, first-class preparation methods and recipes in a fun and welcoming dining environment.  We are not a fast-food joint: in addition to superior, never-frozen crispy and grilled chicken sandwiches, tenders, fresh hand-cut and seasoned fried Idaho spuds, SUPER CHIX® also specializes in fresh salads and in-store churned, hand-dipped premium frozen custard.

12 thoughts on “SUPER CHIX Announces an Agreement for at least 23 Restaurants in Northern New Jersey

  1. Ugh, another chain that will disappear as quickly as it rises.

  2. It seems like it will offer some nice quality food, look forward to trying it. A nice change of pace from typical fast food joints. Hopefully they open a location in downtown Ridgewood. It would be nice to see more chain and fast food restaurants in the CBD so people can walk to them without having to use their cars and drive to route 17.

    1. I think the charm of the CBD is NO chains or fast food.

      1. What about Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, Starbucks, Bareburger, Jersey Mikes, Kilwins, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Playa Bowl, Haagen Dazs, and Ben & Jerry’s? Those are all chains that currently exist in the CBD and people seem to patronize them and enjoy them.

        1. All crap…

          1. “I think the charm of the CBD is NO chains or fast food.”….this statement makes absolutely no sense. The CBD is currently filled with chain stores and fast food chains.

  3. That’s all we need is another chicken place in NNJ

  4. Chain stores and fast food places are not the same thing people. There are plenty of chain stores in all towns, Like them or not they serve a purpose to many. Do I think Walgreens is lousy, yes, do I go there b/c it is convenient, yes.

    There are officially no fast food places in RW. This is why about 10 feet after you cross town line into Midland Park you get a Burger King and Wendy’s. One could argue that Dunkin’ Donuts ( and can we all agree there donuts all taste the same and suck) is fast food.

    1. There are many fast food chains in the CBD in Ridgewood. They are not Burger King or Wendys, but they are still fast food chains, “officially”.

    2. I don’t know if this is currently the policy, but back in the day Dunkin’ got around town ordinances on fast food by not actually baking anything on premise.(Donuts were shipped there from nearby stores)

  5. The name Super Chix is good, but the subtitle ‘chicken and custard’ is not appealing to me.

    1. Don’t want to assume until I vet them out,….
      but….I wonder if the food is non GMO and hormone/antibiotic free??

      All of which has been much of the downfall to eating “fast food”, whether it’s “made to order” or not. Not to mention the chemicals/preservatives.

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