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Support for Wind Farms off the Jersey Shore Continues to Decline

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Atlantic City NJ, after a female Pygmy whale stranded itself on a beach on LBI Tuesday morning, the 14th on the Jersey Shore since December. A  NJBIZ survey found that just over half of residents (54%) are in favor of developing wind farms off the state’s coast versus 40% who oppose them. That’s a stark plunge in support from a 2019 Monmouth poll on this topic, when favorability stood at 76% with just 15% opposed. From 2008 to 2011, that support was more than 80%.

Earlier this year, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law allowing Orsted to keep federal tax credits it otherwise would have been required to pass along to ratepayers. The governor said he acted to protect jobs the offshore wind industry will create.  State Senator Mike Testa said in the press release , “It was a travesty when Governor Murphy bailed out Ørsted at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers the first time they threatened to walk away. I’m calling on the Murphy administration to state unequivocally that our residents will not be sold out for Ørsted a second time,”

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7 thoughts on “Support for Wind Farms off the Jersey Shore Continues to Decline

  1. Seriously, wouldn’t it be easier to build them on land in the pine barrens where nobody would care? Maybe we find the Russian too 🙂

  2. Murphy will never admit he is wrong. Too arrogant

  3. Regardless whether Murphy admits mistake, the damage is done and is irreversible. The program will continue along with the destruction that comes with it.

  4. It is heartbreaking all the whale and dolphin deaths we have seen this Year. It’s got to stop! We are killing innocent creatures and that’s wrong

  5. Most still support Wind Farms.

    “ NOAA scientists continue to investigate the death of the animals but have said no scientific evidence has linked offshore wind preparation — such as sonar mapping and vessel movements — to the spike in strandings.”

    1. the documentary Thrown to the Wind, by michael shellenberger shows that NOAA covered up the evidence. The damage happens during construction and continues from greater boat traffic.

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