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Tesla Offers Full Self Driving subscriptions for $199 a month

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, Tesla’s Full Self Driving package is now available for $199 a month, except for Tesla owners who purchased the Enhanced Autopilot package, who can get it for $99 a month. The package can be canceled at any time. Tesla owners who don’t have the required hardware for the package can upgrade their vehicles for $1,500 to make them FSD-ready. The FSD software still requires active driver supervision.


5 thoughts on “Tesla Offers Full Self Driving subscriptions for $199 a month

  1. So if i get this self drive package, am I legal to get drunk and let the car drive me home?
    Do I have to sit in the back seat?
    Just wondering.. the cost of this is a lot less than a DWI ticket.

  2. That’s interesting.

  3. Tesla’s technology is no better than any of the high end auto makers. A new Escalade has same technology. Tesla took $10K from customers 3+ years ago promising FSD. There is no FSD yet but a trail of burning Teslas wrapped around poles.
    Another scam by the all time best fraudster we have ever witnessed.
    The cars look dated now and the real car manufacturers are coming. It will be over soon -morons paying $ to get “FSD” will keep the fraud going for a time….

  4. Tesla is overrated. It’s all good about it. It’s not cheap, you really can’t go that far, after seven years the batteries $10,000 or more. Show me the numbers after 10 years.

  5. True – Teslas are overrated.

    Also True – I’m making lots of money off Tesla…

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