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Testimony concludes on Chestnut Street proposal in Ridgewood


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Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_Krulish6:54 p.m. ET Feb. 23, 2017

Ridgewood — Testimony on behalf of an applicant proposing a multifamily housing development on Chestnut Street concluded in front of the Planning Board on Tuesday, though more steps remain before a final vote is taken.

The board will have the opportunity for its own experts to testify and undergo cross-examination. There will also be time for public comment on any aspect of the proposal before a final attorney summation and board discussion.

One thought on “Testimony concludes on Chestnut Street proposal in Ridgewood

  1. This is Mr. Bolger’s project First, the traffic impact concerns me despite what the applicant’s expert states. Forty three units with 7 classified as affordable housing units – wow! My guess, based on the bedroom count of the 7 units, means at least 6 more children for the schools which now feature all day kindergarten. How many of the remaining 36 units will have room for children? How much does it cost each year per child? Enough is enough!

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