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>That darn survey issue comes up a lot and most of the time one key point is missed.

>If the BOE had done a mea culpa and just apologized for giving children(yes, at 16 we can call them that) a survey with sexual questions on it without informing parents first the darn thing wouldn’t have ended up such a big deal.

This school district has a long history of not only ignoring parents who disagree, but also maligning them. (See Reilly takes out ad against Ms. Nunn.)

And that is why the HSA gets brought up because if you disagree in this town and ask for something like a quality math textbook for your kid you are portrayed as an anarchist.

Every other town that fought against TERC had all the parents united against the district and eventually won by getting a better math curriculum.

Ridgewood is the only town where parents turned against other parents not because they knew anything about math curriculum, but because they supported the district and BOE blindly.

There’s your problem right there HSA folks.

35 thoughts on “>That darn survey issue comes up a lot and most of the time one key point is missed.

  1. >Can we please start to focus on some other issues. This blog seems to be only about the BOE!!There are many other issues that we should be dealing with.
    Let’s get back to the issue of a ” dirty looking town” nothing trimed or mowed, Beginning to look like a regulr town which we are not.

  2. >It appears that the BOE has become the heart of social engineering in the Village. Someone somewhere pointed out the racial and economic makeups of the different school populations. The idea of one area being predominantly Catholic was news to me. Accepting the veracity of each school’s ethnicity and economics leads one to believe that there have been many sidebars at the BOE about how to teach what to whom. If this is true, they all have failed. They’ve only managed to lower the bar throughout the Village. We all lose.

  3. >Our kids will survive the school system but will the village residents survive a town that within the last week has declared an area “blighted” [ they say in need of redevelopment } to put in a multi million dollar garage, a master plan that may spend 27 million dollars to turf our fields , put trails in our wet lands and a gym in Habernickel Park. Please, if you have the time, keep your eyes and ears open and let the Village Council hear your opinions.

  4. >5:34 PM

    You are what ails this town – stuck on appearances and not caring about subtance.

    BOE issues are major SUBSTANCE issues.

  5. >I agree 7:03. Don’t understand why a blog is necessary to deal with how a town looks, when the BOE is dumbing down our kids. So to 5:30 PM, call up Mr. Ten Ho and tell him you want better clean up services. After all, he works for you.

  6. >Most parents were fine with the survey, at 16, we should give kids a bit of responsibility to participate in an optional survey (oh no! giving out children responsibility in Ridgewood!)

  7. >You forgot to mention the survey is immoral and cowardly legal or not.

  8. >This poster was right, why are they having “conflict resolution” groups between parents rather than “conflict resolution” groups between the BOE and the parents.

  9. >Most parents were fine with the survey, at 16, we should give kids a bit of responsibility to participate in an optional survey (oh no! giving out children responsibility in Ridgewood!)

    Being fine or not with the survey was never the issue. The issue was that the survey was NOT optional; everyone was made to take it and that was the illegality right there. Not getting parental consent BEFORE giving children as young as 11 years old the survey violated the law. It was not about giving them responsibility, it was about trampling over the rights of parents to not have their children used as mental test subjects.

  10. >sorry folks but if you put up with that survey crap you are and un fit parent ! Time to take some responsibility for your own childern

  11. >I have not met one parent who thought that survey was legitimate to do. There was a religious group, or representatives thereof, that seemed to advocate it from a belief that they are subject to much bigotry and were hoping that such a survey would reveal dark thoughts in our teenagers that they would then hire someone in the school system to exorcise out of them.

  12. >The problem with the survey was that parents were left out of the decision making.

    Even when our high school kids meet with their guidance counselors, parents aren’t informed of what is discussed.

    It’s like all the 15 year olds in the high school became grownups in the minds of the school and they don’t need parental input.

    There’s no parent portal to see their grades or attendance which should have been implemented with SASI, the majority of the teachers don’t use blackboard to post homework for the classes and the open campus allows them to come and go as they please.

    An experienced parent knows that a 16 year old needs as much parenting and guidance as a 6 year old and the schools, middle and high, haven’t empowered the parents to be partners in their child’s education.

  13. >5:46-
    the hope is that by the time they are Freshman, that we (as parents) have instilled certain values in them. My kid is in school, she tells me her grades (I’m kept up to date with progress reports and report cards)and I trust her with the open campus. If we, as parents, haven’t taught them these values by 14 or 15, they’re not going to “learn them” by us just constantly checking up on them electronically. My parents couldn’t check my grades online back in the day. They also only got a phone call (as we do) when I was absent.
    If I have a concern, I email or call the teacher and always get an email or a call back.
    STOP blaming the schools! Some posters think schools do too much character education and sort of taking over the parents jobs, you say you want the schools to do MORE. Can you guys make up your minds?

  14. >hey 8:50pm … stop the character ed and go back to TEACHING – all the parent was pointing out in their post was that with MODERN TECHNOLOGY that phone tag game or note passing game can be eliminated IF a teacher uses SASI. That’s not blaming the teacher, its called ASKING THE DISTRICT to actually — USE what the TAXPAYERS have provided.

    good grief – every teacher that posts here can’t see the forest for the trees –

    every teacher thinks its just about them — when in reality it is parents posting for the improvements that PARENTS AKA TAXPAYERS want to see being accomplished with OUR MONEY.

  15. >Hey, 2:33, nice to meet you. I’m a parent who welcomed that original survey, and would welcome the exact survey again tomorrow. I will never forgive Carol Nunn for making it harder for us to raise our children, thanks to her selfish, head-in-the-sand approach to parenting. Not to mention her causing us to waste money dealing with her nonsense. Of course, we don’t hear much from her anymore…which supports the idea that all her bluster was only for the benefit of her own family and her own personal axe-to-grind with Charlie Reilly and the BOE.

  16. >I’m a parent who welcomed that original survey, and would welcome the exact survey .. you scare me ,I guess you people will put up with anything …oh and stay the f##k away from my kids…

  17. >yes i too am shocked by how many people in this town will back any bs story no matter what ,that survey was creepy ,dishonest and we will be back in court if you try that crap again..BTW next time pay the umps you people are SIcko

  18. >the schools should get back to the 3r’s ,no wonder these kids dont learn anything

  19. >8:55 sorry folks but if you put up with that survey crap you are and unfit parent ! Time to take some responsibility for your own childern…I second the motion

  20. >I love when the cowards in town attack Carol ,especialy the bag heads or some dope at the Ridgewood snooze or the BOE ..take the bag off flogy

  21. >I guess I’m missing the secret language of this blog. What’s a “bag head?” What’s a “flogy?” what does the Ridgewood News have to do with it? And, even more, what do the umps have to do with it? Do you guys have ADD or something?

    And why be mean 11:51? You’re real mature…you would keep kids away from other kids because you don’t agree with the parent’s position? I feel SORRY for your kids!

  22. >157 you need to catch up on your reading

  23. >sorry I agree with 1151 i dont want any of these survey big brother types near my kids.

  24. >Didn’t RHS just survey the students last year? Parents had to sign the consent form for their kids to participate. Something like 40% of the students took it. Seems like most parents didn’t want their kids taking these worthless surveys.

  25. >11:34 I will never forgive Carol Nunn for making it harder for us to raise our children, thanks to her selfish, head-in-the-sand approach to parenting.


  26. >Carol Nunn is my hero ,and charley your still a loser

  27. >This blog seems to be only about the BOE! sorry but if the schools fail so does this town

  28. >I agree with 3:04 PM. It is our schools that anchor our town.

  29. >You wanna survey somone then survey the people in charge of our kids– teachers, principals, guidance counselors, superintendent, board members. What kind of lifestyle do they lead? Any illegal drugs? Any excessive drinking? Any sex addicts?

  30. >The survey law in NJ is a brilliant piece of legislation. Parents who want their children to be surveyed year after year just have to sign a consent form. It’s quick, easy and painless. Those parents who don’t want their children subjected to surveys don’t have to do a thing. The law protects them and their children. Brilliant!

  31. >1:57 – I can answer a few of your questions. The Ridgewood News is a website setup by a guy named Charlie who is obsessed with this blog. He tries to remain anonymous on his blog but most people know who he is. He uses a picture of a man with a bag over his head to reprsent himself. Hence the nickname bag head. Flogy is another reference to him since his website is a flog. A flog is a fake blog that is established as a marketing tool. In his case, it is established to discredit PJ and promote the Ridgewood BOE. Hope this helps.

  32. >How many “people in charge of our kids” do you think (1) would even consider filling out a survey and (2)would be truthful with their answers?

  33. >11:34 you actually admitted that you welcomed this survey.

    I feel sorry for your kids. Do you even know them? Guess not. Since you need a survey to tell you. Oh, but it’s anonymous so that won’t help you, will it?

    Maybe you’re just a snoop and want to know about other people’s kids. That’s right. You’re just a snoop.

  34. >I’m sorry to see that Ridgewood was not the “first” district to have it’s middle schools issue birth control pills to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Our BOE must have been sleeping on the job, giving up that wonderful PR opportunity to some school in Maine. Or darn, darn, darn. It would have made for another wonderful NY Times article on Ridgewood.

    Guess that Carole Nunn must have stuck a fork in them.

    Too bad. After the birth control pills, they could have even provided the sex.

    What a wonderful town!

  35. >As somebody who took that survey, I believe I have a better perspective on this issue than any of you.

    Comprehensive sex education is vital to teenage students so that they can make the right choices in their lives. 16 year olds need to know about birthcontrol, condoms, STDs, etc and thankfully our health classes cover all of these things in great detail. The survey didn’t expose students to anything they hadn’t already heard about in their health education classes.

    If you think 16 year olds aren’t doing drugs and having sex, please get your head out of the sand. Stop blaming a damn survey and start taking some accountability over your rotten parenting.

    Parents need to speak frankly with their children about sex and drugs.

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