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The Barn at Habernickel Park in Ridgewood is Removed

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photo courtesy of Village Manager Keith Kazmark

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the barn at Habernickel Park was removed. The barn had become run down and had infestation, along with structural and security concerns. The barn also had no useful purpose other than for minor storage.

It was decided at a Village Council meeting in December to raze the barn, upon the recommendation of multiple Department Directors. What comes next will we discussed at upcoming Village Council capital budget meetings. The Village is considering an open air pavilion, with restrooms, to accommodate picnic benches, a community gathering area and to provide cover during inclement weather – especially during a sporting event at the field.

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10 thoughts on “The Barn at Habernickel Park in Ridgewood is Removed

  1. helping out Healthbarn?

  2. where are the village A$$ kissers on this ?

  3. Did they get the lava light out?

  4. The theory behind Nan Bigos ask for the big bucks is of course, no surprise. It is to enrich Healthbarn who pay a nominal fee to run their programs 24/7. Everyone knows. We just need to understand who is getting something out of it. That is the 4 million dollar question.

  5. Taking out the garbage…

  6. Think Jamboree is going to do a barn raising there, and use the new barn for the after parties!

  7. I think there was a historic bong in that place also. It should have been preserved.

    1. And now the kids are going to be forced back to Willard to do drugs.

  8. Look at the parks and recs mailer that came out today in mail. It’s all about health barn. Village tax payers paying to advertise for healthbarn.
    This barn is something that Stacey wanted gone from day 1. Wait and watch who gets the community garden plots there.
    4M dollars were received by healthbarn for charity and there is no trace where the food went and which restaurants pocketed the money.
    It’s all a guessing game.
    Bergen county democratic corruption at its best!

    1. I think their books should be audited. Are they allowed to be in the house. They have a very low cost lease but they are making money with their private parties. The math just doesn’t add up. People always say follow the money, so maybe there are kickbacks going on, it is anyone’s guess. Still not sure why Ridgewood taxpayers are footing the bill for this for profit business. The not for profit arm is the one they use for the loopholes, I would assume.

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