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The Barn at Habernickel Park Targeted for Demolition

Habernickel Family Park 2

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a presentation was made during December 6, 2023 Village Council work session. In short, existing barn at Habernickel Park is being torn down with no plans at this time to put a new structure there.

Apparently the barn has structural issues , rodent problems , mold problems and an alleged  hangout for drug activity .

Nancy Bigios Parks and recreation Director has indicated she would like to have a new  building to be constructed that could provide shelter during storms, but no plans at this time for a replacement.


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8 thoughts on “The Barn at Habernickel Park Targeted for Demolition

  1. If Nancy Bigos is for it, I’m against it.

  2. An alleged hangout for drug activity? The PD is a stone’s throw away. If it was really a concern …

  3. They even proposed to sell the wood from the barn as “reclaimed wood” so the cost to deal with this would be reduced. Someone will make a ton of money on this project. But my question is, if Healthbarn is using Habernickel to make tons of money on their for profit business and doing private functions after hours, then why is their rent so low. They use this property round the clock from what the neighbors state, so it would make sense for them to kick in additional funds to get a new barn built on the property and then they could use if for their summer camp, private parties and the like. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  4. Bring it down and build apartments. Great location to accommodate low income people and show the world that we stand by our liberal principles. That area should not be exclusive from the rest of town where high density is being built.

    1. Better yet, a permanent migrant shelter and/or a clean needle exchange center.

  5. I have warmed and notified the town on several occasions that the barn is in need of repair. I imagine so has the health barn since they operate their garden right out side. Several different council have ignored the warning, the village parks manager is too blame.

  6. The rats in that place are the size of racoons….

  7. It should be replaced.

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