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The Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (CRR) Endorses Reynolds, Walsh and Alegre for Village Council

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
The Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (CRR) is pleased to announce that Pete McKenna has been elected as the new President of CRR, a grassroots non-profit organization committed to maintaining the residential character and the quality of life of the village of Ridgewood.

CRR Endorses Reynolds, Walsh and Alegre for Village Council for Village Council
First, we hope you, your family and neighbors are in good health and staying safe. While you haven’t heard from CRR recently, we believe that you, as our past friends, continue to care about that delicate balance between preserving our quality of life as residents, and supporting positive progress and reasonable development in our Village.
The new Master Plan, to be written in the near future for approval by Village Council, will define that balance for decades to come, while other decisions on appropriate land-use will continue to shape our community.
We believe Lorraine Reynolds, Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh and Sergio Alegre are uniquely suited to uphold that balance. Please participate in this year’s election by filling out the postage-paid Village Council ballot (arriving to you during the next few days) and promptly place it in your return mail; and consider forwarding this message to interested neighbors. Meanwhile, please accept our best wishes for you, your loved ones, and all of our Village.
Lorraine Reynolds
As a grassroots leader for over a decade, Lorraine has participated in hundreds of Council and Planning Board meetings and has provided analysis, outreach and advocacy for positive land-use governance in Ridgewood. As a citizen and volunteer, she has successfully protected quality-of-life issues in our Village, and is also dedicated to addressing the burdens of local taxes, prudence in our municipal budgets, the well-being of our central business district and pedestrian safety.
Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh
During 3 terms serving on Ridgewood’s Village Council, Bernie has championed and protected our Open Spaces. In facing challenges to our Master Plan or proposals before Council, she has favored moderate growth versus overdevelopment, to protect the character of our community, while promoting a healthy business district. Bernie has served to uphold the interests of grassroots resident organizations who wish to balance progress with keeping Ridgewood “Ridgewood.”
Sergio Alegre
As Chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the past two years, where he has also actively served for five years, Sergio understands the land-use and quality-of-life issues faced by residents and businesses in the Village.

18 thoughts on “The Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (CRR) Endorses Reynolds, Walsh and Alegre for Village Council

  1. Ooooooo….big news
    Kinda late to the party no?
    So CRR, since your so good at stopping progress and your so called preservation of residential character explain the garage. Explain Brogan development. Explain Ken Smith development. Explain pending development of Sealfons. Explain the loss of the rambler building torn down on maple. Explain how the village stole the Elks club for their own gain. Explain the library expansion that includes a 1000 seat amphitheater . You can’t. And you won’t because you don’t give a crap like any other NIMBY. What happens in the CBD is no concern of yours but when a hospital expands in your backyard you freak because you were stupid enough to purchase a house across the street from A VERY LARGE BUILDING. here’s a better idea…hook up with the Loving ‘s freak show and run around town with a camera…cause, you know, that’s normal.

  2. Are all candidates Democrats?

  3. No all the candidates are not democrats. What does that have to do with anything?

  4. “No all the candidates are not democrats. What does that have to do with anything?”
    What does that have to do with anything?
    I can’t decide…
    Are YOU that stupid?
    Do you think that WE are that stupid?


  5. it means voting for those who are NOT Democrats

  6. Average annual municipal tax increases under Walsh are near 4% over her self-serving tenure. She’s awful.

  7. Ridgewood residents spent their own money trying to stop those slums from being built.
    The current council decided to side with the Developers.
    Don’t blame the ccr or any other citizen group for trying to stop the over-development. And don’t forget to vote for candidates who are not going to pander to the ridgewood developers.

  8. To answer the question about whether the candidates are democrats: This is a nonpartisan elected official. Candidates do not run on a party platform.

  9. Candidates who are not going to pander to the Ridgewood developers?
    Did you just wake up Rip?
    That boat sailed long ago….

  10. Walsh is a registered Republican – she ran for country freeholder as such and lost. But she adores raising our Ridgewood property taxes because she’s actually a tax & spend liberal.

    She also supports Deputy Mayor Knudsen’s plan to spend tens of millions redeveloping the old Elks HQ so that Ridgewood Water can move there and free up space in Village Hall for the Police Dept (a quid pro quo so they would hire Knudsen’s sons).

    Why Ridgewood Water needs A class office space (without suitable parking for their trucks) in the CBD of Ridgewood, when there is plenty of much cheaper B and C class office space available to rent throughout Bergen County, is beyond me!?!?

  11. Lorraine Reynolds is a founding member of the Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (CRR). She’s single handedly responsible for Valley Hospital relocating to Hackensack.

    So isn’t this CRR endorsement akin to endorsing herself? Why don’t they (or this blog) disclose that? It’s relevant information.

    Guess they think we’re all stupid?

    1. valley is not moving to Hackensack , if your going be a lying coward at lest get you facts in order

  12. I realize that the Village elections are called non-partisan. However I am still interested and find it helpful to know if candidates have party affiliations. That is information that I, and other voters, may want to use in our decision making process. Especially if candidates aspire to office outside the Village at one point or have a voting record to research.

  13. Agree with James, lying cowards are running amok on the Blog. Although we know who Jeff Voigt and Rurik Halaby are.

  14. Valley is expanding at the main Ridgewood address? Really James? Have you lost all impartiality?

    1. Moving to Paramus (down the street ) and maintaining the Ridgewood campus

  15. Charley is clearly Aronsohns gay lover



    “ Under an agreement reached in 2017 with the village, the campus on Van Dien Avenue will be “repurposed” for a range of outpatient health services, including an urgent-care center, laboratory, radiology, and medical offices. No final plan has been decided. “

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