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The Evolution of Tourism in Major Places Across the World

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Many people believe that advertising plays a significant role in countries with the developed tourism sector, while others argue the interest of the citizens should not be underestimated. However, research shows that tourism advertisement has contributed significantly to global economic growth. Hence, both local and international markets benefit from the experience that comes with tourist attractions.

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Places Experiencing Tourism Declination

The following places are experiencing lesser tourism engagements than many other places across the globe.


India was known for poor hygiene and overpopulation, but this country’s inevitable struggle is tourism development. You may ask, despite the negativity attached to India, how has it managed to grow? Study shows that tourists have been focusing on the country’s culture and food, which have intriguing facts. This alone has attracted researchers and culture enthusiasts, but it is not enough.


Malaysia has attracted many tourists since its intentional campaign in 1999. Since then, the local market has been involved in more exports and imports. This generated more income for business owners, alongside the establishment of producing companies. Unfortunately, the increase in water and air pollution has recently drawn back tourists from visiting there.


Bahamas tourism industry focuses on beaches and water sight-seeing. It is a perfect place for relaxation because the communities are enclosed and have less stressful lifestyles. More so, the beautiful culture has always been the focal point for many of its residents and visitors. However, some tourists are discouraged because of the increased crime rate in the country.


The number of tourists in Thailand increased by 11% in 2018. A lot of discoveries are present in Thailand, with the government implementing more attractive sites and buildings. However, research shows that Thailand has not experienced significant growth since 2018.

Places Experiencing Better Tourism Attraction


Although advertising agents make an effort to publicize the country as much as possible, the 2015 incident effect was severe. Natural disasters are one thing, but the destruction of significant tourism facilities and properties was uncontrollable. Many lives were lost, and the damages are costly, such that it will require the government’s full attention for complete restoration.

Places like Kathmandu in Nepal built a cultural center for tourists. Hence, more solutions are provided daily against the disasters caused years ago.


Armenia is naturally beautiful, with many structures depicting the old churches and Christianity model. However, the place is building more modern infrastructures today, which only contributes to its tourism popularity.


Nicaragua is one of the safest places in Central America. However, the frequent fights in its neighboring countries is non-encouraging. Among these countries are; Guatemala and Honduras. However, the government keeps building infrastructures, such as highways, as an attraction for tourism.


There are many beautiful places to explore globally, and you can only know them through adequate research. However, many hotels and reservation services will necessitate a request some days before visiting. Hence, ensure to research about the type of services provided, existing rules, and payment method.

You may want to try out beautiful places like Albania, Iran, and Uzbekistan, which do not receive enough visitors despite the stunning views.


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