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the fly is wondering which way the wind is blowing CRR….

the fly is wondering which way the wind is blowing CRR

it seems that Councilwomen Hauck’s sister is a member of CRR is now avid pro-development. She came out of the closet not surprisingly almost at the very instant the CRR lawsuit against Valley was dismissed.   Her recent comments on the Glen Rock Patch claiming , “the odd-sounding predictions by their developments and village traffic consultants are accurate ”  leave one to speculate whether CRR has be so infiltrated by Aronsohn’s pro Valley people that is is no longer effective as an organization? .

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  2. I think you have entirely mis-read her post and she is actually asking a question with a totally opposite effect. She is questioning the what appear to be very faulty assumptions made by the so called traffic expert.

    I think a correction is in order to this post please!

  3. “Came out of the closet”. Lisa co-hosted a CRR fundraiser. It was not a secret. Maybe the original poster just found out but it was never a secret.

    And they never hid the fact that they were sisters, kind of hard to hide.

  4. I am only going to reply to this implication by “The Fly” this one time, because I don’t want to be sucked into this, indeed given that “The Fly” (an anonymous pen name?) has really not read my comment accurately. The quote you have made (italics below) appeared in a series of numbered bullets, in which I said that the developments, if built, should not be approved by a blanket Master Plan Amendment, which could have permanent, potentially damaging effects on the town in many ways. The series of bullets (if you read the previous wording accurately) were all points that do not seem credible to me, and vitally need to be tested before a Master Plan were to be approved. The word prior to these bullets is “If” appears above them, and I had expected my sincere skepticism was the whole point of my post to the Patch.

    In other words, taken in context, my bullet was:

    “IF there are improvements to stoplights, signage, sidewalks and curbs that can actually improve traffic, it would seem obvious that our village should pursue them — starting with those promising the most significant impact (the oft-mentioned one being traffic lights), but one intersection at a time — not via a master plan amendment and overall village policy to concurrently allow four large housing/retail complexes and 330 new apartments in our downtown.

    “I encourage the Village to re-direct its approach to allow one of these developments first, via a variance to current zoning, with same type of public-private partnership now offered by the developers, to see if: IF:….
    ….5) the odd-sounding predictions by their developments and village traffic consultants are accurate — that the four unprecedented apartment complexes would improve traffic (not in fact clog traffic or hurt our town).

    The bullets 1-4 had also enumerated other great concerns many of us have about possible affects of the developments — that must be critically vetted in reality before a Master Plan Amendment were made to allow these developments to all happen, carte blanche, and included the affects of the developments on schools, and their visual impact on town — and to see if in fact a development would bring about vibrancy of downtown and tax ratables that are touted as reasons to approve them all.

    I take umbrage that The Fly would focus on family relationships when in fact they have had nothing to do with my views on the hospital (which continue to be voiced in various forums and are unchanged, as you wil likely see in my statements in the press as a new proposal may proceed from the hospital,). ….Also because I believe my views have hopefully always been carefully worded and balanced. Above all, despite any potential varying views anyone may have on public policy, dialogue is is important, and family friendship and relationships and love in the village are something to be supported and safeguarded no matter what.

    Note, my comment in the Patch regarding the developments,, goes on to say,” We should not rush to make such a permanent and massive change to the character of Ridgewood, but improve the intersections and approve the developments one at a time. I was quick to make this comment to the Patch the day the related article came out because I think this is very important”. As I have suggested to our Planning Board and Village Planner in public comment at Planning Board meetings (which I have encouraged other residents to participate in — have you?) — I feel that IF there are traffic improvements to be made, by all means they should be made, and if private/public partnerships are touted as they only way to fund them, then this should be pursued prudently, and not across the board.

    Aside from being quoted out of context, and with an accusatory tone, It also bothers me that “The Fly” would see fit to make such allegations (on private matters of family friendship) cloaked in a veil of anonymity. Despite was I hope would be appreciated as potential discomfort stating my persona views, I have never posted anonymously, because I feel that every person should feel comfortable stated their views on important topics without being anonymous.

    We all care about our town, and should be candid in engaging in discussions, even when it may be uncomfortable. It has been my hope to consistently reflected that spirit. I believe deeply that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and is to congratulated if they offer to run for an office, including my sister, who works hard in her volunteer position.

    Again, this is the last time I will respond to this thread, dear Anonymous Fly, even if you lay out more accusations, because I think your divisive message and tone is detrimental to the tow and any good faith effort toward constructive dialogue.

    I apologize for this lengthy post, but I only respond to set the record straight and implore that no one try to cause division, in our town or our families. We all care about each other, and hopefully try to build good public policy via positive and constructive engagement.

    Signing off on this thread, which I hope will be read carefully — if at all.

  5. “candid engaging in discussions” you must be new to Ridgewood , more like bully people and there kids who voice and independent opinion

  6. rather lengthy response don’t you think

  7. #6 — not at all. She was misquoted and set the record straight. Its a vitally important issue to our town and deserves attention.

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