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The Future of Ridgewood’s Central Business District


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood ‘s central business district has been the point of contention . In the age of internet shopping , the debate is hot an heavy over how to make the CBD more appealing and more competitive.

According to Mayor Hache, “Our CBD is crucial to the vibrancy of our community. I am proud to serve as the Village Council Representative to the Central Business District Advisory Committee (CBDAC). We are very fortunate to have a hard working group of volunteers serving on this committee. It is a true cross-section of our community. The committee is comprised of residents, business owners, and commercial property owners. Thanks to the work of the CBDAC, we allocated funds from the municipal budget to be dedicated to the beautification of our Downtown. This included purchasing the new LED snowflakes, Ridgewood Downtown banners, and funding for the completion of the Van Neste Square lighting project.  The CBDAC hosted several Business Community Forums for both business owners and commercial property owners. The forums generated a direct and open dialogue with our business community. The feedback from these forums helped drive all of the new ordinances for the Central Business District. Next, we will be helping with the Master Plan Visioning Process by hosting two roundtable discussions with commercial property owners and realtors.”

20 thoughts on “The Future of Ridgewood’s Central Business District

  1. roads are absolutely swiss cheese on franklin avenue and the construction destruction has not even started to any great extent..county road we know but give us a break

    town looks worn out and dirty with the Roads all crewed up.destroys our cars and has cars swirving
    to avoid the larger pot wholes and complete sections are Gone

  2. Save the CBD… Build a wall
    Or tear down that illegal wall…

  3. All county roads are in need of repaving. How come in other towns the county roads are in good shape.

  4. The old auto shop next to Ben and Jerry’s is a hazard and an eyesore. Owners should be made to pay for the environmental clean up and tear it down.

  5. At around 12:30 PM today (Wed. 2/6), as I was driving east toward Franklin Ave. under the train trestle, the car in front of me stopped with its left blinker flashing to turn into the construction site. Good think I was driving very slowly. This made me and everyone behind me wait until that car was gone in a place where left turns have never been permitted. Cars driving west did not stop because they aren’t accustomed to it and even if they wanted to be accommodating, might have figured that it could be dangerous for them to stop suddenly immediately after going through the light at Broad St. An accident is waiting to happen and meanwhile it’s going to be a big problem if left turns continue there.

    The council needs to force the developer to block off that entrance before an accident blocks the entire underpass. Imagine how that would go, with everyone funneled down Broad and under the Ackerman Ave. overpass. Now imagine it at 5 PM.

  6. Half of the roads in the CBD need to be repaved. Cottage Street parking lot, Hudson Street parking lot, park-and-ride out on route 17, they need to be repaved .

  7. Maybe we can move the CBD to Schedler and West Saddle River Road?

  8. How about repaving Ackerman Avenue. I live on that street for 30 years I know it’s a county road can one of our officials contact Bergen county please to repave it please.

  9. How about the county coming back to my road it’s a mess east glen av,

  10. Most of the people who work for the county don’t live in Ridgewood. So they would most likely focus on paving the roads in the towns they live in…. Like southern Bergen county

  11. Thank the planning board and the previous council for the mess at Franklin; they approved the apt. that is being built. Why not ask the developer to fix the traffic mess now. He assured us at town meetings that construction would go smoothly, traffic would NOT BE INCONVENIENCED and that we would be proud of it when it was finished.

  12. What about the road condition on South Pleasant? awful

  13. Now they’ve closed the sidewalk on Franklin. Our roads & parking lots are third world, and yet the Council last night felt it was more important to discuss “berm designs” for the Schedler property. Here’s an idea: sell the 7 acre Schedler property and use the proceeds to repave our roads and parking lots.

    1. the roads will remain a mess till all the high density housing is finished , ask Paul Aronsohn

  14. Who is Paul Ahronson?

  15. “Who is Paul Ahronson?” You should know you voted for him.

  16. Paul Aronsohn is a criminal currently working for the Governor and having an affair with another man’s wife. Heck of a guy.

  17. THEY DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE ROADS,THE Hazards the expense of auto and tire repairs
    the pedestrian Fall and sue hazards while crossing the damaged roads.Third world conditions..

    FIX THE ROADS VOR and County ., stop the happy times projects focus on the basics

    If the developers chew up the roads with new main installations Bill them or Bond them all.

  18. West Saddle River road was supposedly on the paving list for last year but they did the road only as far as the Ridgewood-Hohokus border. This is the road that needs to be widened if we expect 2 way traffic when Schedler is finished. To my certain knowledge the last time it was paved was when our grandson was 3, and now he is 29! How do I know? Because he and I spent almost every good weather day watching them.

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