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The incumbents were swept out yesterday because (top 10 reasons):

>Of their sheer stupidity for accepting $1.2 million in gifts from an individual who had a controversial application pending before the Zoning Board of Adjustment

Of their continued push to build a superfluous, $30 million, gargantuan parking garage, even to the point of engaging in arguably unlawful negotiations with a local real estate investment firm

Of their desire to sell off capital assets (e.g., Ridgewood Water) under the premise of “too complicated to manage,” when the real reason is to raise capital for funding new property purchases for athletic fields, and to pay off debt from past leadership mistakes

Of their abject insensitivity to the constitutional rights of residents to voice opinions on community issues by erecting lawn signs

Of their efforts to cut essential public services (e.g., fire department staffing levels), while at the same time approving funds and personnel resources to move forward their own pet projects (e.g., more athletic fields)

Of their asinine decision to install spy cameras in the downtown business district over the strong objection of most residents, and despite crime statistics that refuted any need for such devices

Of their inability to control the on-duty, long-term use of alcohol and/or controlled dangerous substances by key VOR employees

Of their continued insistence to discuss matters of public interest and importance behind closed doors, and in direct violation of the NJ Open Public Meetings Act

Of their complaints regarding ineffective advisory boards (e.g., Library Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment), when it is they who have the power to appoint members to those Boards

Of their total lack of awareness that the public was just plain fed up with it all and wanted them out of office


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