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The Lake Avenue Bridge Opening Pushed to October


The Lake Avenue Bridge Opening Pushed to October
September 18, 2013
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, According to the Midland Park Press the Lake Avenue Bridge will be open to vehicular traffic on Oct. 1 according to the latest update from the Bergen County Engineer,  and Midland Park Mayor Patrick “Bud” O’Hagan reported at last Thursday’s Council meeting. ( )

The $1.37 million project to replace a the antique and  structurally deficient bridge began in August of 2012. and was Initially slated to be finished in six months .  County officials cited Hurricane Sandy for the delay, but further delays continued to push the project back . The date has continued to be pushed back first July then August now October.

The bridge, which serves as a short cut from Midland Park to Ridgewood, was originally built in 1897 by the F.R. Long Company and was widened in 1931 to allow for sidewalks. ( )

The bridge was listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places as the only known highway bridge in the state to use both steel arch and brick jack arch construction. According to Masonry & Metal: Historic Bridges of New Jersey, by Richard Grubb, the brick jack arches spanned the area between six arched I-beams, which functioned as ribs between the jack arches. (

According to a report in the Villadom Times, over 11,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily. The new bridge will be able to accommodate 25-ton three axle box trucks, an increased from 17 tons, and 40-ton five axle trucks, an increased from 35 tons.

10 thoughts on “The Lake Avenue Bridge Opening Pushed to October

  1. So is there like only one guy with a hammer working on the project, and some days he forgets to bring his hammer to work?

  2. union job

  3. Sanzari did 4 and 17 project faster. 11000 vehicle a day!!! I will sit in a chair all day to see that!
    I agree with #1 Many machines and men and it still was a long time.
    P.S. No photo’s from Boyd. He does go outside Ridgewood???

  4. it will not be ready in 2 weeks!

  5. The closed bridge has been a gigantic pain in the crankcase for over a year–a very long time for a local detour. Couldn’t wait until it would finally open in August, which came and went. Many, many days went by when nobody could be seen working at all. Extremely frustrating and a huge waste of time and gas to use less direct routes. Are they even close to completion or will we get an endless runaround like the bridge near the HHK Library that was closed for what seemed like forever, similarly with nobody working on it for long stretches of time, or sometimes one guy?

  6. 11,000 per day no way!

  7. The 4 / 17 bridge is a testament to incentives in the contract. Without them, the construction company will milk the job. Offer a bonus for getting the job done early and lo and behold! The myriad of obstacles are somehow overcome.

  8. 11,000 vehicles a day on the bridge by the A&P?

    Why not ban heavy trucks, like the ones fron Kuiken Brothers. They can drive around the block. One camera can monitor the situation, like a red light camera.


  10. its open!!! 10/3/13

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