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The Public Shows Little Interest in Ridgewood Teachers Contract Talks

REA Members come out to greet our Board of Ed

May 3,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Despite lingering contract talks the public does not seem to be engaged in the Board Of Ed contract dispute with the teachers union, the REA.  Since so many things in Ridgewood seem dependent on the quality of education of the Ridgewood public schools ,the public’s lack of interest is to say the least surprising. In the past education issues have loomed large on the blog ,this time not so much.

“shouldn’t our schools and our teachers, one of THE biggest selling points of this town, be a top priority? that one sign says it all…’no contract = no future for ridgewood’. not feeling optimistic about any of it frankly”. Marata Maas (it takes a village Facebook page)

“May 10th is very, very important to Ridgewood, thus these topics are all particularly hot items right now. Voter turnout is always very low, so every vote becomes very important. Next, consider the environment that half of the students who will ultimately populate our high school will be subjected to if we dont get the right solution to the Valley Hospital expansion. Perhaps you are unaware of the other near misses Benjamin Franklin Middle School had with Valley which were resolved in the students’ best interests because of resident involvement. The high density housing issue could crowd up the schools and place an even heavier burden on taxpayers. And the safety and aesthetics of our downtown are certainly an important part of our village. And last, but certainly not least, we can directly influence the destiny of these issues with our votes on May 10th. We do not have that power in the case of the teachers’ contracts.” Laurie Bender (it takes a village Facebook page)

The Village is faced with what many perceive rightly or wrongly as even bigger issues that could potentially harm the quality of life and the quality of education in the Village of Ridgewood . So it looks like until May 10 the focus will be else where.

BOE-REA Negotiations

Click here to read a Letter to the Editor of The Ridgewood News, published on April 8, 2016.
Click here to view the Ridgewood Board of Education’s Post Hearing Fact Finding Brief and attachments.

Click here
to view an analysis of “Unused Funds’ identified by the REA during Fact Finding Proceedings, presented at the March 7, 2016 Regular Public Meeting.

Click here to read a Letter to the Editor of The Ridgewood News, which appeared in the paper on March 4, 2016.

Click here to read the Ridgewood Board of Education’s Fact-Finding Presentation with The Ridgewood Education Association.

Click here to view the backup for the Ridgewood Board of Education’s Fact-Finding Presentation with The Ridgewood Education Association.

24 thoughts on “The Public Shows Little Interest in Ridgewood Teachers Contract Talks

  1. Maybe the public is sick and tired of the teachers demanding they be insulated from reality.
    Maybe a $100,000,000 annual school budget is enough.
    Maybe the public feels some satisfaction that teachers are finally paying a fair portion of health care premiums.

  2. Do it fer da kidz
    ha ha ha…

  3. This resident is not sick and tired of the teachers demanding more. I wish the BOE would just settle the contract! RHS is THE ONLY reason I live in this town and when my children graduate you better believe there will be a “For Sale” sign in front of my house. I cannot stand the fighting and bickering that goes on here. Public humiliation, too. Perhaps you never got the quality of education that RHS gives, thus why you fell the need to belittle their profession. Teachers deserve more.

  4. Good teachers will lead to kids learning and getting into good colleges which will mean that Ridgewood property values stay high.

    I have an issue with all the non-teaching BoE employees making very good money.

  5. And BTW, it’s Teacher Appreciation Day. Thank a teacher if you can read this.

  6. In complete agreement with 11:12. Enough is enough and teachers in our system do quite well for themselves.

  7. If the teachers do not like it then maybe they should move to a job in private industry. 11:12am is 100% correct.

  8. $102 million reasons to assume the REA and BOE live in an alternate reality. No more platinum health benefits unless the teachers pay for it themselves, no more low contribution rates to their pension. It’s time to share the financial burden and stop living off of overtaxed Ridgewood families. And 25th place in the state? Embarrasing. Maybe we need better teachers and administrators for our $102 million a year?

  9. How long has the REA been holding out with their hostile negotiating tactics? They are not negotiating in good faith. Why not fire the current malcontent teachers and hire people who actually want to work in Ridgewood schools, who might actually care about our kids instead of their platinum health benefit plans getting paid for by us taxpayers ?

  10. The ignorance and outright nastiness here is alarming. It appears there is no real understanding of what the teachers are actually petitioning for. It’s easy to snipe from behind an anonymous ID about “greedy” teachers” who are now being asked to pay a “fair portion” of health care but if you actually took the time to understand what is being asked of them you’d realize how uneducated (and ugly) you sound.

    Ridgewood was once a classy community that cared about those that make it the place you proudly call home – now its full of transient trash like “Ridgewood TaxPayer” or any of the other cowards espousing their hatred for fear someone is getting somethig they aren’t entitled to – learn the facts, look at the other districts and how they’ve settled these issues, and then react.

    Please Ridgewood there was a time when we were better than this.

  11. With attitudes like 11:12, 1:29, 1:33 and 1:40(although I think 1:29, 1:33, and 1:40 is the same crotchety, old person), I will be leaving just like 12:27. Sick of the attitudes here. Typical New Jersey behavior. This is why the rest of the country makes fun of this state.

  12. very accurate anon @2pm

  13. The Board of Education should be given the option to terminate one of the top fifty-paid teachers every year the teachers refuse to agree to a new contract. Then you’ll see this foolishness abate.

  14. Good lord that’s pretty funny!….1:58 posting anonymously and complaining about people posting anonymously! Like me! Ha!
    And thinking that “now” Ridgewood is full of “Transient Trash” is ultimately ignorant when in fact its been that way for years.
    Your just as bad as 12:27 who is a CLASSIC example of a transient…only here for RHS and had every intention of planting a sign in the front yard as soon as junior graduated notwithstanding the “bickering” and “public humiliation”. Interesting how I can count 4 teachers on this thread…your not hiding very well. As 1:40 said there are 102 million reasons to question any aspect of the contract talks. how patently absurd…a 102 million dollar school budget. Please don’t tell me there were times “when we were better than this” whilst your screwing me with your 102 million dollar budget. PARTY”S OVER.

  15. at 12:27 pm & 2:00 pm – Sad attitudes. Typical. Since you say “RHS is THE ONLY reason you live in this town”, Why don’t you put up your For Sale signs on your dorm Now!

  16. 2:32. It is you’re not your. I guess you had pretty bad teachers. To be realistic, people move to different areas for jobs. That is the reason we moved to this area and ultimately choose Ridgewood because of the good High School. We become transient because of people like you. For the record: I am not a teacher.

  17. 2:32 – I am waiting for my child to graduate from our fabulous High School that has fabulous teachers. Again “THE ONLY” reason we live here.

  18. How can you say give the teachers a raise and then say that you are moving out as soon as the kids are finished with the schools?

    That is what is making this town unlivable. Vote hire taxes and then leave.

    I moved here before I had children. The realtor said that the schools were good, but that did not drive my decision. Now that I am almost finished with the schools I am thinking about moving. The taxes are ridiculous and if you are not using the schools you are getting nothing for the expense.

    I would like it if the teachers could afford to live here. I would also like to be able to stay here. I do not have a pension, only what I saved. My money will go further in another town.

  19. Yawn.

  20. I follow the negotiations by reading everything published online and in the news.
    I follow the negotiations by watching the BOE meetings on line.
    I do not follow the negotiations in public because I fear being labeled by the teachers and/or the BOE and affecting my childs education.

  21. OK I don’t know WTF 2:50 just said but its pretty evident that i’m a your and there is not anything you’re going to do about it.
    Look, 2:50 and 3:21 are classic examples of what the problem really is in Ridgewood. To be “realistic” one only has to follow the train of thought above and can simply determine that the reason Ridgewood is in the state it is today is because all this transient crap has finally caught up. None of the above self absorbed suburban driving narcissistic dolts could give a crap about what happens here…What do they care their not going to be here in a few years…who gives a hoot, right? These transients are what feeds the “system” here both at the BOE and at Village Hall. And they like it that way. Suckers…That’s what they call you at union meetings and behind closed doors on Cottage place. Complete lemmings under the guise of our quaint little “Village” and our “fabulous” high school. Can’t wait for June so I can watch you pack up and head back to Canarsie.

  22. 10:20am – you used “your” improperly 2 times in your statement. “Your just as bad” should read “You’re(you are) just as bad” and “I can count 4 teachers on this board……..your not hiding very well” should read “I can count 4 teachers on this board…….you’re(you are) not hiding it very well. That is WTF I am talking about. How can anyone take anything you say seriously? Brush that chip off YOUR shoulder and get a life and an education.

  23. HA ! Another teacher @ 11:12
    Instead of responding to the core of the argument we’re going to have an english lesson !
    Brilliant !
    When’s the math test?
    That’s right, you don’t do math…it’s not in your contract!
    Get back to work you greedy ingrate….

  24. @1:10 – I think you need to see a professional. You are borderline psychotic. Either that or you drink during the day.

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