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>the Village of Ridgewood : Readers would like to see Emergency Services Personnel share in lucrative $75 per hour ‘jobs’

>If there are any heros in the Village, it would be those who volunteer their time: Emergency Services Personell, EMT on the ambulance, and volunteer firefighters. Why are these volunteers not allowed to fill the lucrative $75 per hour ‘jobs’ when PSEG or other construction sites (such as the train station) require someone to direct traffic (we all know they sit in the car doing nothing- I have never seen one directing traffic) While sometimes out of town cops fill these positions, they are never given to our volunteers? Whats up with that?????

Hmmm its quite simple. Whenever there is a problem, emergency service volunteers are called upon to ‘help out’. One of their main tasks is when roads are blocked. If anyone is ‘qualified’ to direct traffic, it would be a member of emergency services. They should be offered their choice of these ‘traffic details’ at construction jobs. Let them have the $75 per hour. Its only fair. If they are not allowed, there is a simple answer. GREED by others.

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