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The Village of Ridgewood Shade Tree Division Tree Planting is Underway

photo by Boyd Loving
by Boyd Loving
Ridgewood NJ, according to resident Boyd Loving , “Shade tree planting in the Village is underway right now, and there are three (3) different contractors doing this year’s plantings. Painted markings like this indicate the locations at which planting will take place.”

The Village of Ridgewood Shade Tree Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of approximately 15, 000 Village owned street trees on 100 miles of public ways, as well as additional trees and shrubs in parks and on other public grounds. This includes all aspects, such as removal, planting, and pruning. The Shade Tree Division does a tree planting for Arbor Day, which is usually the last Friday in April. The division currently offers a memorial tree/bench program to honor the memory of a friend or family member.

7 thoughts on “The Village of Ridgewood Shade Tree Division Tree Planting is Underway

  1. Can someone explain why the sidewalks are still in an incomplete state…..?

    Kind of stupid to block the sidewalk and have school kids walk in the street to get past the repair effort that started in August….

  2. And why do they continue to plant large trees between the cub and sidewalk where there is very little dirt area?
    And why plant under power lines?

  3. So, if a Village owned tree drops its leaves on the street in front of my house, will I get a leaf ticket?

  4. We have a shade tree department. Thought we didn’t have a budget or a plan Mike Sedon? Who wil maintain the trees, what about CBD trees and those bad tree wells? What a disaster.

  5. How do I get on the list for a tree the village cut down 20 years ago and promised to replace it?

  6. How about pruning the trees on Hamilton so you can walk on the sidewalks without hitting your head on the low hanging branches!

  7. Ridgewood Shade Tree # 201-670-5565…

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