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The Wild Duck Pond Restoration in Ridgewood

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, started in 2021 with a $1.7 million budget the Wild Duck Pond project is a restoration which will restore both the ecological function and enhance the public use of the existing Wild Duck Pond Area. Funding for the restoration project comes from the Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund and a grant from NJ Green Acres. The man-made waterbody constructed in the 1900’s for ice production and adapted by the Parks Commission in the early 1950’s as part of the new Saddle River County Park, has ceased to function as designed: to divert water from the Saddle River down a conveyance channel and through the pond back to the Saddle River. As the Saddle River’s elevation has decreased and the pond’s clay liner deteriorates, the pond and channel needed vital reconstruction to restore the health of the pond’s ecosystem.

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The ecological restoration will showcase several environmental enhancements as storm water best management practices. The conveyance channel will accept and filter stormwater runoff from adjacent streets as it proceeds through the constructed wetland system, pond, and eventually back into Saddle River. New wetland and aquatic habitats will be implanted within the exiting drainage channel and pond to support native wildlife, restoring the wetlands and re-establishing the native flora and fauna.

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13 thoughts on “The Wild Duck Pond Restoration in Ridgewood

  1. Seems like progress has been slow. Anyone know the target completion date?

    1. Probably after climate change’s cataclysmic temperature rise causes the evaporation of all the water from the face of the planet.

  2. Yes, very slow indeed…

  3. The state of the duckpond speaks volumes to why plastic bags should be banned. The Earth didn’t start thawing it’s way out of the Ice Age until the invention of plastic bags. But it does seem like Joe Biden and his team of All-Stars might destroy the planet before climate change.

    1. We speak for the Ridgewood Ducks

      They want their bathtub breeding and feeding
      Pond back ..Former went to the DOGS…,

      1. Justice for Ducks!

  4. They need to do the same at Tweeny pond . And then go up to crest and finally finish west side of that pond and repair the dam.

  5. “Wollman Rink it”
    Find someone who can get the job done and it will be done ahead of schedule and under budget.

    1. But you might have to put up with some mean tweets…

  6. I second Twinney Pond should be next.
    It’s a mess….and just needs a good cleanup.
    Prune some trees, pick up all the dead branches and leaves.

  7. Would the duck pond already be restored and back open if the ducks that typically inhabit the pond were all white, like Pekin or Call ducks, instead of the multicolored Mallards?

  8. It is now the UGLY DUCK POND

  9. What’s up with the disco light sprinklers?? Studio 54 meets native flora and fauna . . .

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