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Time for Ridgewood Parks Department to Buy a Lawn Mower

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the staffof the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Look at the condition of our parks the guy that runs it departments and absolute moron the grass is 3 feet high .

We know its been raining a lot but come on this is ridiculous.

24 thoughts on “Time for Ridgewood Parks Department to Buy a Lawn Mower

  1. Yep….this has been an issue since2010… send Heather an email, it will get done

  2. We wanted more green space….they just decided to go vertical!

  3. Why bother. This council will see an opportunity for some parking spaces in this plot of grass. Just give them time. Heather you can sell all the lawnmowers at the next auction.

  4. I disagree. In fact would prefer to see less mowing on 17 as well. Saves energy. Less labor. Better for the environment. We need to adjust our perception of what is attractive in select areas.

    1. it looks like sh$t

  5. There is enough space in this patch to park 3 motor bikes, 2 bicycles and half compact car. I say pave it.

  6. Less mowing on 17 will lead to more animal strikes which will lead to eliminating the green space altogether. Not sure that’s the result you’re looking for.

  7. Turf it

  8. I love it.

  9. Who pork chops?

  10. You are so right about the guy who runs that department he is a moron. He’s a Mr. know it all.all he thinks he knows everything about everything but he knows zip. Real bullshit artist. We think he’s definitely on some kind of drugs. He’s very argumentative. Always looking for a fight. The top dogs need to open up their eyes and take care of this immediately before this going to be a major lawsuit. Because this bullshit it’s been going on for a long time. And each and every day it goes on ,well you’re condoning it. It’s just unacceptable. It’s no damn secret. All we can say is why.We will not take any abuse anymore.

  11. What can we say, the Fonz .

  12. Anyone that knew anything about parks and rec predicted the decline of it all when Tim retired. He was the backbone to it all. You now have his predecessor that rode his coattails for her entire career. Her main man in charge has zero experience is an arrogant know it all to say the least. The blind leading the blind. Our parks are a disgrace and our fields are just as bad. It’s embarrassing to say the least!

  13. Is that by the bus depot! Another village owned site That went to shit. That bus site should be taken down. What a disgrace that place is so filthy. This is the village of Ridgewood, why do we have sites that look like this. People are using a bunch people each and every day. Either New Jersey transit. Or the village should put up a new building.

  14. Who are you talking about who runs it. Name Please.

  15. Heather’s salary is $200,000. For that kind of money, we (the residents who pay her salary) deserve much better. If she is incapable or unwilling to deliver results, then fire her and replace her with someone who will deliver results. Certainly someone would love to have that $200,000 salary (not to mention the pension that comes along with it)…

  16. “Yep….this has been an issue since2010… send Heather an email, it will get done”
    SO how much do I get paid for the job of reminding Heather to do her job?

  17. Hey fonzy what happened to all the wood ? You see what happens when you’re trying to put a feather in your cap. It winds up in your ass. You’ll learn.

  18. I do not blame the manager. I blame the director. You need to have someone that’s Hands on. This is what happens when you have departments in the town that are dwindling down to the lowest labor numbers in workers in history.

  19. Today we noticed that some of the fields intown needed to be seeded . What happened this year. As a long time sport coach, the grass is not as thick as it was last year. Any thoughts on this.

  20. “ this is the village of Ridgewood”
    And your thinking that we give a shit about your pompous ass and your overgrown lawns?
    We don’t….
    Never did….

  21. Wow! Ridgewood always looked real nice in past. What happened too all the staffing that was in place. How come they were never replaced When others retired.

  22. There’s no more firewood what happened.

  23. Houston we have a problem !

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