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TODAY: Ridgewood Chamber Of Commerce Annual Bunny Hop Celebration

Easter in Ridgewood
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Please join the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce for our annual event. Join the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce to welcome Spring, the Easter Bunny and view Peter Rabbit’s garden in the store windows in downtown Ridgewood. See if you can locate Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter Cottontail in the windows. Sure to be a fun event

The event will be on Saturday, April 3rd from 12:00pm-2:00pm.
Dancers will be located at the following locations:
– KILWINS-121 E. Ridgewood Ave
– DUXIANA- 63 E. Ridgewood Ave
– HILLMANN LIGHTING – 133 E. Ridgewood Ave
– LA CASITA – 158 E. Ridgewood AveThe Easter Bunny viewing will be at Panico Beauty Salon from 12-2. They are located at 144 E. Ridgewood Ave.

For questions please contact the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce.

Sweet & Sassy Easter Bunny And “Switch An Egg Event”
Sat, April 03, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: Sweet & Sassy, 216 E. Ridgewood Ave

Event Description

Sweet& Sassy will be hosting and event on Saturday, April 3rd from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

” Come see our Easter Bunny & switch an egg for candy”.

We will also be offering free ear piercing with the purchase of any piercing earrings!

5 thoughts on “TODAY: Ridgewood Chamber Of Commerce Annual Bunny Hop Celebration

  1. Remember… DO NOT CALL IT EASTER!!!

    Bunny Hop.

    These are the government approved words.

    Obey and conform.

  2. I know what a damn joke. All the liberals want to change everything they got their head up their ass. And speaking about the Bunnyhop today I was walking around the CBD with my family boy it’s filthy. It never look like that years ago who the hell’s in charge. Litter all over the place leaves garbage it looks like Hackensack. The ones that are in charge should be dismissed immediately. Because obviously they’re not doing their job . Take a look at Broad Street by the outside eating area is full of litter. And going under the train Tressel is a disgrace with litter so embarrassing. The mayor and council need to take a ride to really see what the hell is going on as a taxpayer this is not right, years past it wasn’t like this.

  3. Wait until Ridgewood follows San Francisco and rolls out the SnapCrap app (The SF human feces tracking app)

  4. For the ones that put thumbs down You need to go to the eye doctor. Take a ride for yourself and lock tell me what you say. Look across the street from the old taxi stand where the outside tables are next to the barricades look at all the litter. And then going to the Trestle look under the bridge around the bend all the garbage. What do you think that just happened in one day. Not sure whose responsibility it is but it’s not good looking at all. No wonder we have a rat problem in our central business district.

  5. The roads are filthy do we still own a street sweeper, or are we privatizing that out too.

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