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Toddler Found Wandering after Ridgewood Police Search

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page
March 7,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, A half dozen uniformed Ridgewood PD Patrol Officers and a uniformed patrol supervisor conducted a door to door canvass of a residential neighborhood in the vicinity of a South Maple Avenue, Ridgewood garden apartment complex at which a female toddler was fortunately found wandering outdoors during Wednesday morning’s, 03/07, snow storm. Within 10-15 minutes, officers located a guardian/parent about one (1) block away from where the child had been spotted by a concerned resident. After being reunited, Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer Sean Amoruso walked the uninjured child and guardian/parent back to the child’s residence.


3 thoughts on “Toddler Found Wandering after Ridgewood Police Search

  1. Wait, was the child lost or was this just someone who called in that a child was outside alone? That kid in the photo is not a toddler that looks more like a kindergartner. It is important to note if this was just a neighbor who decided the kid was lost or if it was actually a child who was lost.

  2. There’s one photograph of the back of a child in a winter coat with the hood up but you can tell it’s not a toddler?

  3. How do we know it’s not a midget? Who by the way, was perfectly safe on her way to the liquor store on Oak.

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