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Top 8 Fun Facts about the Shipping Industry

Did you know that almost everything you buy in your shopping center comes by ship? Yes, from the furniture to the electronics you are using, shipping has made it possible to be near you. It is one of the ancient and most convenient transport methods between countries, especially those harboring seas and oceans.

Apart from being the most affordable, safest, and comfortable means of transport, here are some top facts concerning this industry.

1.There are six types of merchant ships

Yes, shipping gets divided into six main categories. You might have used one, two, or several, depending on your profession and adventures. These six types include the passenger ships, tankers, the fishing vessels, the container ships, bulk carriers, and the general cargo ships.

If you haven’t used one of the types above directly, it’s better to try and get the experience. But we are sure you have used one indirectly.

2.It’s economical to transport by ship

Ships are the cheapest means of transport in the world, especially for exporters and importers. Using a vessel as a businessman, you can cut massive transport expenses, thereby enabling you to enjoy higher business profits.

What do you need to import or export via ship? Apart from the general rules, terms, and conditions, as a businessman, you need to be proactive in carrying your shipping business or shipping company . You need to trust your business partners, shipping line, agents, and much more to succeed in this business.

3.The Biggest fleets

Developed countries are the owners of the biggest ships in the world. These countries include Germany, Greece, and Japan, which boasts of having the largest fleets globally. What gets used to measure these ship sizes? Ships size gets measured in two ways, its capacity and also its volume. But in business, the former matters.

These fleets get controlled by parent companies that are located in these countries. The largest ships currently can carry over 20,000 containers and measure 400 Metres. There are hundreds of ships in this list, and it’s growing due to the need for cost-cutting.

4.Shipping Industry is the largest employer

Did you know if individuals employed in the shipping industry decided to have their country, it would be ranked the 6th most populated country? Yes, the population is that big. There are over 1.5million seafarers alone who get employed in this global industry. Out of these 1.5 million members, only 2% are female. What does this mean? It means the shipping industry is a male-dominated venture.

5.One of the areas with communication challenges

The shipping industry is one of the sectors facing communication challenges, especially when the crews are in open waters. According to statistics, 33% of the team does not have access to communication once they get into the open sea. In addition to these figures, only a meager 10% have access to the internet.

If you are planning to venture into this transport business, keep away your internet-hungry gadgets. 

6.They travel the longest journeys

Ships travel the longest journey as compared to other means of transport. On average, a long-distance ship covers a distance of around 75% to the moon and back in a year. That’s how we can calculate its length to show the distance they travel.

Ships, especially those that carry containers, travel a lot and spend most of their lifetime in the sea. If you are thinking of becoming a crew member, your fellow seafarers will be your friends and family.

7.It’s the oldest means of transport

Shipping has been there ever since. Some of its vessels come from ancient times. In short, it’s an enduring mode of transport. People don’t recall as to when shipping started.

Maybe a thousand years back when individuals used to carry out barter trade between regions. During that time, it wasn’t known as shipping. What we are trying to depict is that it’s the oldest mode of transport for both goods and people.

8.Shipping is ever-present

The shipping business does not stop. It’s operational during daytime and night, working days or on holidays.

The reason is that most commodities that get consumed globally get carried by sea. Its disruption will lead to inconveniences in supply, hunger, and lack of essential facilities. At any given time, millions of containers are ferried from one continent to another through the sea.

The shipping business is a lucrative form of business. Most companies and individuals in different countries are doing business through this mode of transport. This article has eight fun facts concerning this mode of transportation, and we hope that you have learned something new from it.

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