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Top Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas That You Should Consider

A baby shower is a celebration for the baby before it’s even born. It’s also an opportunity to show your love and support for the mother-to-be. A baby shower gift doesn’t need to be expensive but should be thoughtful and well-chosen. 

It’s very important to consider the baby’s gender when you’re picking out baby shower gifts. This is because it can change your shopping list and the color of a gift bag, for example. If the baby is a girl, consider getting her clothes or blankets in pink colors. Consider getting things like pacifiers shaped like flowers to match her name. If it’s a boy, then get him toys with blue colors or play mats that are predominantly green and browns to represent foliage. 

Here are some of the baby shower gift ideas that you might want to consider when looking for something special!

Baby clothes

Cute, customized clothes can be a baby shower gift idea. These clothes can be anything from a baby bodysuit with the mommy-to-bes’ name on it to adorable little onesies for the baby. Or you could buy some baby clothing in lieu of an actual present if you really don’t know what else to get them or want something small and inexpensive that they’ll love receiving!

Consider what the parents like and follow that direction. They will surely love and appreciate it. Once they put their kid in the fabulous onesie they’ll be even more grateful. 

An organic bassinet 

A baby will need a place to sleep, so an organic bassinet is a great baby shower gift. Bassinets are usually made of wool and cotton, which makes them hypoallergenic for baby skin. A baby will also need blankets to keep warm at night or during naps, so getting an organic blanket with natural materials like bamboo and hemp can be very beneficial too!

This is a much healthier option for a crib and you can expect the baby to sleep much better. If you are unsure which one to get, you can click here to find some nice choices. You may still be unsure of the advantages this could give the newborn baby so here is a list of benefits that you should consider when getting them a gift like this:

sleep more deeply and for longer periods of time

protection from allergen triggers 

baby can be nursed at night without the worry of waking up on his back

baby isn’t exposed to chemicals from plastics, flame retardants, or harmful glues

baby can get an organic mattress and bedding

A book that will help with their development

Parents need to learn about raising children all the time, so give them a book that will help with their development and baby’s growth. Getting them a guidebook about baby care, like baby sign language or how to read baby’s expressions can be a great way of helping them know more about their baby. Other book ideas may include milestones that need to take place during the first year at home with the baby and what books might help parents in teaching these skills.

Books will be useful for this, and every next kid the parents-to-be are planning on having. They’ll have an easier time learning with baby number two, baby three, etc.

A soft toy

What child doesn’t love having a new teddy bear? Soft toys are always good gifts for any age and you could get one from childhood favorites such as Winnie The Pooh or Mickey Mouse up to something more current such as Frozen which will no doubt make Christmas shopping easier this year! This is also an easy option if you’re not sure whether they have enough clothes already. 

A toy that will be fun and educational

You could get a toy that will help the baby learn motor skills better, like for example, a baby piano or baby drum.

A toy that can help with motor skills is a baby piano that will be fun for the baby and provide them with an education at the same time! They’ll have so much fun trying to mimic what they’re hearing on their own little instrument, while also learning how to use their fingers in different positions to get different sounds out of it. 

A scrapbook

An album where they can put their nicest memories of the baby is a perfect baby shower gift. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a nice scrapbook with some pretty paper is enough. The baby will love seeing their baby book and being able to read the captions of each photo. You can choose an album that has spots for the baby’s first year or you might want something more customized such as one where they can put photos from every month, week, day…whatever way suits you.

As you can see there are tons of ideas for a baby shower gift and you could choose any of them without making a mistake. Make sure it’s personal and from the heart. If you are opting for a bed, ensure it’s safe and healthy, as well as the toys that should be fun and educational. Make the parents feel special. 

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