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Transform Your Grief: Tips for Celebrating a Life Well-Lived

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If your loved one has died, recovering can be difficult. This is especially true if the person that you lost was somebody who was very close to you, such as a parent or a life partner. While living comfortably after a loved one has died can be difficult, it’s important to try. One good way to find normalcy again is to celebrate your loved one, instead of mourning them. Celebrate the life they have lived, the person they were, and their achievements. This post will tell you more about this, offering some insight into transforming your grief and moving on with your life.

Arranging Your Loved One’s Funeral

One of the best ways to celebrate a person’s life is to throw a party after their funeral. However, the funeral itself is also an opportunity to celebrate a person’s achievements and successes. The experts from Chestnut Funeral Home make clear on their site that you should focus more on celebrating your loved one than you should on mourning them. Everybody dies, there’s no way around it. Accepting that we are all going to die can make handling a loved one’s death much easier. When the inevitable happens, it is an opportunity to celebrate someone’s accomplishments, not a time for sadness. Meticulously organize their funeral so that every single noteworthy achievement in your loved one’s life is mentioned. You can ask family, friends, and colleagues to come and talk about them. The afterparty or wake can also be a good time for reflections and memories.

Make sure that when you are searching for a funeral home to take care of your loved one’s burial, you think about reviews. Customer feedback can give you insight into what working with a particular funeral home is going to be like. A lot of people make the mistake of totally forgoing reviews when they are searching for funeral homes to work with. Make sure that you don’t overlook reviews. A company’s reviews tell you a lot about them. When you are arranging a funeral, you need the most professional and experienced funeral director that you can get. Also, think about cost. Funerals are not cheap. You need to try and get a good deal. Look for inclusive funeral packages if you can. An inclusive package is a funeral plan that includes the funeral itself, burial, and then the wake.

Create a Memorial Tribute Video

Memorial tribute videos can be a great way for you to celebrate your loved one’s life. The good thing about them is that they can be played at people’s funerals. You can also have it running in the background at your loved one’s wake, too. Having the video running all the time gives people an opportunity to sit down and watch their loved one’s best moments. Make sure that you include special moments recorded on film, photographs, and if possible, interviews of people talking about what a great person your loved one was. This video should also be shared on the internet so that your loved one’s friends can remember them after they go home.

The creation of memorial tribute videos often requires significant video editing skills. If you do not possess these skills, you can hire somebody to create a video for you. Take the same care in finding a videographer as you would when finding a funeral home. This is because your loved one’s memorial tribute video will be played front and center, meaning it needs to look good. If it doesn’t, it’s going to take away from the beauty of your loved one’s funeral and ruin people’s time. Videographers are widely available, so you should not have trouble finding one to work with.

Inviting All of Their Friends

Make sure that you invite everybody your loved one would want to come to their funeral to it. Sending out invitations is something that can be done online. As long as you have access to your loved one’s social media accounts, you should not have trouble organizing their funeral for them. This is because you will have access to all of their friends’ accounts and contact information. If you do not have their social media login information, get in touch with somebody who knew your loved one well and ask them if they know where to get hold of their friends.

You need to ensure that you only invite people to the funeral that your loved one would want there. As you are organizing your loved one’s funeral, the chances are you were very close to them, so if you know the names of people they would want to come, even if you do not like them, make sure that they get an invitation. If you plan on sending paper invites out, make sure you hire a graphic designer to create attractive ones. The nicer they are, the more likely it is that people will hold onto and cherish them.

Create a Living Reminder

One way people celebrate their loved ones is to create living reminders. A living reminder is a tree or plant that’s planted in your loved one’s honor. You can plant something yourself in your backyard or pay a company to do it for you. A living reminder is a great way to ensure that your loved one is remembered for years to come, even long after you are dead yourself. An alternative to planting something is to pay for a bench in their name. A bench with their name on it can be a good way to remember them.

Another alternative is to set an altar up in your house. An altar gives you a space you cherish and remember your loved one. If you plan on setting one up, make sure that you get a picture of your loved one and make it the main feature. Your loved one’s altar can be a place of reflection, where you go to unwind and think about your life (and your loved one’s life).

Remembering deceased loved ones is something that should be done with joy, not sadness. Nobody’s here forever, so cherish your loved one’s memories and look back on them happily. Use the guidance given here to celebrate your loved one more effectively.

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