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Trey Gowdy & Tim Scott will be appearing at Bookends in Ridgewood Monday, April 2nd


March 16,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Trey Gowdy & Tim Scott will be appearing at Bookends in Ridgewood Monday, April 2nd @ 7:00pm.
South Carolina, Congressman Trey Gowdy and Senator Tim Scott, will sign their new book: Unified

In a divided country desperate for unity, two sons of South Carolina show how different races, life experiences, and pathways can lead to a deep friendship–even in a state that was rocked to its core by the 2015 Charleston church shooting.Tim Scott, an African-American US senator, and Trey Gowdy, a white US congressman, won’t allow racial lines to divide them. They work together, eat meals together, campaign together, and make decisions together. Yet in the fall of 2010–as two brand-new members of the US House of Representatives–they did not even know each other. Their story as politicians and friends began the moment they met and is a model for others seeking true reconciliation. In Indivisible, Senator Scott and Congressman Gowdy, through honesty and vulnerability, inspire others to evaluate their own stories, clean the slate, and extend a hand of friendship that can change your churches, communities, and the world.

Appearing authors will only autograph books purchased at Bookends and must have valid Bookends Receipt.

Availability & pricing for all autographed books subject to change.
First In Line Certificate use is the the discretion of Bookends. Blackout dates may apply.
Bookends cannot guarantee that the books that are Autographed will always be First Printings.
Autographed books purchased at Bookends are non-returnable.

While we try to ensure that all customers coming to Bookends’ signings will meet authors and get their books signed, we cannot guarantee that all attendees will meet the author or that all books will be signed. We cannot control inclement weather, author travel schedules or authors who leave prematurely.

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3 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy & Tim Scott will be appearing at Bookends in Ridgewood Monday, April 2nd

  1. Who are these guys ?

  2. They are significant figures in the federal legislature. Gowdy’s retiring.

  3. what time is the event and do you get the book beforehand and if so how?

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