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Truck Flips on Route17 Southbound Exit Ramp in Ridgewood

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photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A fully loaded commercially owned refuse truck flipped on its side while exiting Route 17 southbound to Linwood Avenue westbound, Ridgewood on Wednesday morning, 10/14. The truck’s driver sustained moderate injuries and was transported by a Ridgewood EMS ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. A traffic control sign and utility pole were damaged in the mishap. Ridgewood Police, Ridgewood Fire Department, Ridgewood EMS, Paramus Police, Paramus Fire Department, and a paramedic unit from The Valley Hospital responded to the incident. A heavy duty tow truck was summoned to right the vehicle and remove it from the roadway. The exit and entrance ramps to Route 17 southbound at Linwood Avenue were closed for an extended period of time to facilitate vehicle removal and debris clean up.

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4 thoughts on “Truck Flips on Route17 Southbound Exit Ramp in Ridgewood

  1. Full truck exiting towards Ridgewood? Where was it going?

  2. These guys drive like hell in vehicles that are not maintained very well……accident(s) waiting to happen.

  3. Uh Oh… trucks can’t manage an exit ramp.
    The SHUT IT DOWN!!!

    (that’s the logic used for Brookside, so…)

  4. Probably headed to the transfer station in Hillsdale. You can also get to Lynwood Ave., East from that exit.

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