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US Department of Energy Admits COVID-19 Pandemic was an Unintentional Lab Leak in China

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, well well well, looks like it was the “CHINA VIRUS” after all . The US Department of Energy concluded the most likely origin of the COVID-19 pandemic was an unintentional lab leak in China, according to sources citing a classified report. The findings reverse a 2021 analysis from the department but were said to have included new intelligence; specific details were not provided.  This is something many experts pointed too , but because the scientific debate was stifled and suppressed by the media and government officials reality gave way to models and profits.

The report adds to the uncertainty around the pandemic’s origins. The recent report was made with “low confidence,” but agrees with an earlier FBI report made with “medium confidence.” However, four other US government agencies, as well as the National Intelligence Council, concluded the virus probably spilled over from a natural source. An analysis from the CIA remained undecided. An on-the-ground follow-up probe by the World Health Organization was recently blocked by China.

Proponents of a lab leak origin point to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located where the first major outbreak was observed. Studies have pointed to wet markets as a point of origin, particularly the handling of animals that are known virus reservoirs.



13 thoughts on “US Department of Energy Admits COVID-19 Pandemic was an Unintentional Lab Leak in China

  1. If the truth be told, everyone knew this from day one. Decouple from China YESTERDAY, and collapse the CCP. ONLY solution.

  2. NYT and WaPo got fooled again.

    1. Both are liberal media operatives and went along with the lies and suggestion it was a conspiracy theory

  3. Old news, trump was right.

    1. Sure was. It’ll be gone by easter.

  4. Balloons and viruses and fentanyl…great exports and to think we classify China as a trading partner.

  5. The liberal media was so focused on their anti-Trump agenda that they convinced half the population that he was wrong and that he was inciting Asian hate. The actual Asian hate was all coming from African Americans, which of course, the liberal media neglected to mention.

  6. Trump correct again.

    Bring back:
    $2 gasoline (and eggs),
    Big Fat 401k Accts,
    Low Unemployment,
    Low borrowing Interest rates

    …and I’ll put up with some mean tweets.

    1. agreed!!!!!!

  7. we all knew this , but where was the fcking media ?

  8. They sucked. Just like the ridgewood press, no balls. Just all bull shit.

  9. Wow! Our govt makes this announcement as the drums of war beat in the background.

  10. And Next year, they’ll announce that it was NOT accidental, but a purposeful lab leak by China

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