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UV expert believes President Trump is correct and that Far-UV light of 222 nm wavelenght may be the solution to ending the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ridgewood NJ, President Trump demonstrated his newfound fascination with UV light during his COVID-19 briefing Thursday, multiple times talking about the UV light of the sun being able to cut down COVID-19 pathogen killing time from hours to just a minute. Here’s the quote:

“Suppose that we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light… Supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way.” -President Trump

But all UV light is not created equal and the most beneficial UV light in killing Coronaviruses never makes it to earth due to the Ozone layer. UV expert Ed Neister believes Trump is correct and that Far-UV light of 222 nm wavelenght may be the solution to ending the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Physicist S. Edward Neister discovered the pathogen-killing power of the Excimer Wave Sterilray™ wavelength and patented 222nm for air, surface and liquid disinfection in 2005. He later added eye and skin disinfection. Joining Physicist Ed Neister in forming a company and taking over the helm as President, is his brother, John Neister,  a renaissance man with a diverse background as a professional photographer/videographer, and a successful 28 year publishing career at Josten’s Printing, who left publishing to make a difference with the hope of saving lives with the new UV light technology, and pooled their resources with friends and family contributors and subsequently formed the Far-UV Sterilray Company.

the Ridgewood did a Q&A with John Neister:

What is the kind of UV light that reaches earth from the sun and how beneficial is it in killing coronaviruses?
Answer: UV-A and UV-B reach the earth.
What is the most beneficial UV light that can be used to destroy COVID-19?
John Neister,” The greatest destruction of viruses by light occurs at the Far-UV wavelength, 222 nanometers.  It takes less than seconds to destroy whereas blue 400 nanometers light takes hours.”

TRB, What testing has been done on the safe use of different spectrums of UV light?
John Neister, “Testing of Excimer Wave Sterilray™, 222 nanometers, has demonstrated to be safe on skin since 2005 and on eye disinfection since 2017.”

TRB ,Tell us about your brother’s patented invention and your UV light lamps operating on at 222 nanometer frequency?
Answer: These lamps operate very differently than fluorescent bulbs.  They have no electrodes to reduce their useful life (giving our lights over 30,000 hours) and with no mercury.

TRB, And how long do you need to expose coronavirus to the light before it is dead?
John Neister, “Our tests on human coronavirus achieved a 100% kill for samples of 10,000, 1 million and 100 million in seconds.  This virus is practically identical to the SARS-1 and SARS-2 virus so the damage mechanisms are very similar.”

TRB, What kind of UV light is currently being used in hospitals and how is its effectiveness compared to 222 light?
John Neister, “UV-C lamps are used in HVAC systems to keep the condensing coils clean but do not have ‘Single-pass Kill’ capability to destroy pathogens in the air.  Excimer Wave Sterilray™  light has demonstrated destruction of 80,000 bacteria in 1 second in air as it passed by the lamp one time.  The human coronavirus was over 3 times easier to destroy.”

TRB,What do you think President Trump should do to get 222 nanometer UV light into hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes and even on commercial airliners and cruise ships? And what do you make of President Trump’s desire to investigating putting UV light in our bodies?
John Neister, “Humanity is at war with these viruses.  Like ramping production of war ships and planes at the beginning of WWII, production of Excimer Wave Sterilray™ lamps will ramp up much faster with financial assistance. Oh, and there is a potential for disinfecting. And by the way, President Trump’s right. There may be the potential of disinfecting human lungs with 222 nm UV light.”

The patented form of UV light is known as “Excimer Wave Sterilray™” light, with a wavelength at 222 nm (nanometers), a form of Far-UV light that has a very short range in biological material, rendering it unable to penetrate the dead-cell layer that is at the surface of our skin. It is also unable to penetrate the human eye, meaning, it can’t reach or damage any living cells in our body, but it can penetrate and kill viruses floating in the air, on surfaces, in liquids etc., including coronaviruses that are similar to SARS-2, exploding the protein structure and amino acids destroying the virus.

This technology is superior to conventional germicidal ultraviolet (254nm) light in reducing person-to-person transmission of viruses through the air, by destroying the viruses while they are in the air, without the safety hazard of other forms of UV lights that can cause skin cancer or cataracts.Researchers at Columbia University have used 222nm lamps technology to prevent the airborne transmission of viruses like the influenza virus.

John Neister’s hope is that President Trump and NIAID Director Anthony Fauci will work to fast-track FDA approval and fund mass production of these Excimer Wave Sterilray™ lamps that can save millions of lives and help people return to a more normal lifestyle, as well mitigate all future pandemics.

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  1. So he wasn’t being sarcastic, taken out of context or just thinking out loud?

    We have come full circle.

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