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Valley Physicians are Well-Represented on Latest ‘Top Doctor’s’ List

CCM Book 2013

Valley Physicians are Well-Represented on Latest ‘Top Doctor’s’ List
February 13, 2013

Ridgewood NJ, The Valley Hospital is proud to announce that the recently released 16th edition of Top Doctors: New York Metro Area includes 111 members of the hospital’s medical staff.

The guide includes more than 5,900 top primary care and specialty care physicians in a 21-county area spanning three states – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – who represent the top 10 percent of doctors in the area.  It is published annually by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd, a New York City research and information company.

“I am very proud to recognize the many outstanding physicians at The Valley Hospital who have been included in the Top Doctors guide, said Audrey Meyers, President and CEO of The Valley Hospital.  “It demonstrates what we’ve always known – that some of the top specialists in their fields practice here at Valley.”

Valley physicians who were listed in the 16th edition of Top Doctors: New York Metro Area are:

Thomas Ahlborn, M.D., Surgery ; Mary Bello, M.D., Family Medicine; John Bosso, M.D., Allergy & Immunology; Assia Bromberg, M.D., Pulmonary Disease; Crystal Broussard, M.D., Gastroenterology; Daniel Budd, M.D., Surgery; Jaclyn Calem-Grunat, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology; Francis Cangemi, M.D., Ophthalmology; Duncan Carpenter, M.D., Neurological Surgery; Patrick Chin, M.D., Ophthalmology; and Rhoda Cobin, M.D., Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism.

Timothy Corey, M.D., Dermatology; James Cornell, M.D., Ph.D., Critical Care Medicine; Roger Coven, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology; Sameera Daud-Ahmad, M.D., Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism; Sheldon Eisenberg, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Ira Esformes, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery; Frederick Fakharzadeh, M.D., Hand Surgery; Michael Faust, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology; Barry Fernbach, M.D., Hematology; Howard Frey, M.D., Urology; David Friedman, M.D., Pediatric Surgery; and Rajinder Gandhi, M.D., Pediatric Surgery.

Howard Goldschmidt, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Joseph Grizzanti, DO Pulmonary Disease; John Hajjar, M.D., Urology; Paul Harlow, M.D., Pediatrics; Jay Heldman, M.D., Dermatology; Patricia Hicks, M.D., Pediatric Allergy & Immunology; Martin Hochstein, M.D., Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism; Alan Israel, M.D., Hematology; Joel Jacowitz, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Valerie Johnson, M.D.,/PhD Pediatric Nephrology; Steven Kanengiser, M.D., Pediatric Pulmonology; Harry Katz, M.D., Otolaryngology; Philip Kazlow, M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterology; and Gary Knackmuhs, M.D., Infectious Disease.

Rima Kopelman, M.D., Rheumatology; Jeffrey Kozlowski, M.D., Nephrology; Glenn Krinsky, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology; Evan Kushner, M.D., Internal Medicine; Susan Kushner M.D., Pediatrics; Vivian Lan, M.D., Internal Medicine; Joel Landzberg, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Evan Leibowitz, M.D., Rheumatology; Bennett Leifer, M.D., Geriatric Medicine; Elliot Lerner, M.D., Neuroradiology; Kenneth Levin, M.D., Neurology; Seth Levine, M.D., Urology; Lauren Levy, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology; Joseph Licata, M.D., Surgery; Elliott Lichtstein, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Louise Ligresti, M.D., Medical Oncology; David Lipson, M.D., Plastic Surgery; Douglas Liva, M.D., Ophthalmology; and Edward Lubat, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology.

Frank Manginello, M.D., Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine; Stephen Margulis, M.D., Gastroenterology; Stephen McIlveen, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery; Monica Meyer, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology; Philip Meyers, M.D., Neuroradiology; Laurence Milgrim, M.D., Otolaryngology; Sessine Najjar, M.D., Infectious Disease; David Namerow, M.D., Pediatrics; Amarjot Narula, M.D., Psychiatry; Daniel Navot, M.D., Reproductive Endocrinology; Joel Nizin, M.D., Colon & Rectal Surgery; Daryl O’Brien M.D., Pediatrics; Martin Pelavin, M.D., Internal Medicine; Reed Perron, M.D., Neurology; Joseph Pizzurro, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery; and Roger Pollock, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery.

Mark Preminger, M.D., Cardiac Electrophysiology; Donald Quest, M.D., Neurological Surgery; Michael Rahmin, M.D., Gastroenterology; Thomas Rakowski, M.D., Medical Oncology; Louis Rambler, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology; Dennis Reison, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Don Respler, M.D., Pediatric Otolaryngology;  Fred Rezvani, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology; Robert Rigolosi, M.D., Nephrology; David Rosenfeld, M.D., Psychiatry; Roger Rosenstein, M.D., Hand Surgery; Patrick Roth, M.D., Neurological Surgery; Mitchell Rubinoff, M.D., Gastroenterology; Maria Scibetta, M.D., Internal Medicine; Marjorie Slankard, M.D., Allergy & Immunology; Scott Smilen, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology; and Edward Solomon, M.D., Ophthalmology.

Gerald Sotsky, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Michael Sternschein, M.D., Plastic Surgery; John Strobeck, M.D., Ph.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Jason Surow, M.D., Otolaryngology; Albert Tartini, M.D., Nephrology; Steven Tennenbaum, M.D., Urology; Jack Tohme, M.D., Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism; Anne Marie Valinoti, M.D., Internal Medicine; Daniel Van Engel, M.D., Neurology; Roy Vingan, M.D., Neurological Surgery; Anthony Volpe, M.D., Internal Medicine; Steven Waxenbaum, M.D., Colon & Rectal Surgery; Robert Wehmann, M.D., Ph.D., Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism; Darryl Weiss, M.D., Dermatology; Howard Weizman, M.D., Nephrology; Ronald White, M.D., Colon & Rectal Surgery; Marcus Williams, M.D., Cardiovascular Disease; Anusak Yiengpruksawan, M.D., Surgery; Alan Zalkowitz, M.D., Rheumatology; Ale

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