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Vehicle Jumps Curb in Ridgewood Central Business District

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the staff of the Ridgewood bllog

Ridsgewood NJ, at approximately 2pm Tuesday April 9th an older model four-door sedan driven by an adult male mounted a sidewalk near the Walgrees on East Ridgewood Avenue .

The driver sustained non-life -threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospitals by Ridgewood Fire Department EMT’s .

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Representitives from the Village of Ridgewood building, Signal and Water Department were dispatched to the scene in order to asses damage to their respective equipment . No other injuries were reported . A Citywide flatbed tow truck removed the vehicle from the scene .

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12 thoughts on “Vehicle Jumps Curb in Ridgewood Central Business District

  1. Bring on the dining corrals and sidewalk cafes

  2. And our mayor wants to use cheaper protective bollards for the dining corrals. Dumb ass!

  3. Here is a prime example of why we need protection. If people had been sitting on that curb or in the street, they would be injured or worse. Those bollards need to be effective as protectiing anyone who would be dining outside at a restaurant venue.

  4. Senior citizen behind the wheel..?

    1. when i saw the picture i thought the same… i watch out when i see these models and buicks

  5. Exactly so dangerous, unless they should just shut the street down then they’re OK. And what are we doing about the litter in the road?

  6. Everyone should stay at home in their basements…unless you are in a flood plane then you should be in your attic . Only way to make sure you are safe, and get everything delivered to you, home school your kids and only playing they should do is on video games.

    You can look out your windows to watch all the properly marked town trucks and the daily street sweeping.

    Garbage will be picked up on curb ir back yard.

    No needs for vote for signs on lawn as no one will see.

    Doesnt matter where and how much low income housing as no one will see.

    I learned all thus from reading posting in this blog..

  7. Speeding all over. No enforcement.

  8. What did the car hit? Street light pole? Walgreens building?

  9. Someone has too much time on their hands.

  10. Hey Mr .manager Just get those sweepers out and sweep the roads . My road needs it , east saddle river rd. Ware are they , what is going on. Where is the Director on this?


    … If it can save ONE Life…

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