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Village Council Candidates Night – Proposed streaming via “SWAGIT” unavailable

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood League of Women Voters Village Council Candidates Night, scheduled for Wednesday, October 20 @ 7:30 pm (Village Hall courtroom), will NOT be viewable via the “SWAGIT” streaming service linked to the Village’s official website as per a directive from Village Manager Heather Mailander.  “Expense” was cited by Ms. Mailander as the reason for the unavailability of “SWAGIT” streaming.  The event may be streamed via YouTube, and may be available to FIOS subscribers (on channel 34).  However, neither of those viewing options is a certainty at this time.  Seating inside of the courtroom will be limited to 33 attendees.

The League’s Board of Education (BOE) Candidates Night (Ed Center, 49 Cottage Place) on Thursday, October 14 @ 7:30 pm, will be streamed and viewable via a link on the BOE website, with cable TV coverage available also (FIOS channel 33), as was originally planned.


13 thoughts on “Village Council Candidates Night – Proposed streaming via “SWAGIT” unavailable

  1. I heard that the “expense” is $600.00. Yes; six-hundred dollars.

  2. Heather and Susan will do anything to reduce transparency.

  3. Ridiculous. Paul V trying to limit his opponent’s exposure.

  4. In the history of the world, first time heard that expense was a factor in any Ridgewood policy decision. Our town CFO has got to go…

  5. What’s Mommy Bear Susan going to do when Rurik stands up at the Council meeting on Wednesday night and announces he’s raised $600 to cover the “expenses,” and presents Heather with a check?

  6. Paul V trying to limit his opponent’s view point from the public.

  7. Every Day, another event tries to convince me to finally leave this declining “village”

  8. That would be amazingg great if someone donates the money. I hope so. Because our top officials are full of poop .Never ever trust any of them. $600 please. The ITT Is a puppet.

  9. What’s the big deal, just watch it on YouTube for free. Why do we need 2 different streaming apps.

  10. If the expense is 600 per meeting, may be we should stop using swag it for all meetings. That kind of expense adds up.

  11. I believe the $600 is more than just the streaming. It includes Sagit directing the cameras/production work as well. YouTube doesn’t do that.

  12. Why would they changed their format just for this debate? This is highly suspicious. Are they trying to prevent people from watching the debate?

  13. People listen to me I’ve been around a long time and do not trust any of these fools they think they’re smart but they’re not that smart. There’s a lot of puppets involved here. A few of us are smarter than they are. There’s sneaking moves Going on.

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