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Village Council Fails to Follow CDC Recommendation Regarding Mask Wearing

screenshot  by Boyd Loving

by  Boyd A. Loving

Despite a recent recommendation by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that all people in Bergen County, including those fully vaccinated, wear face coverings/masks indoors, in public places, no members of the Ridgewood Village Council, nor anyone else on the dais, were observed wearing face coverings/ masks during their Public Work Session, held on Wednesday, August 4.

The aforementioned, in person meeting, open to the public, was held in the Sydney V. Stoldt, Jr. Courtroom at Ridgewood Village Hall and was attended by at least three (3) members of the public and a Village employee, non of whom were wearing face coverings/masks either.

I am extremely disappointed that our elected officials are not leading by example.

14 thoughts on “Village Council Fails to Follow CDC Recommendation Regarding Mask Wearing

  1. The CDC just overruled the US Supreme Court and threatened massive fines for landlords who legally evict squatters. There should not longer be any doubt that this Stalin, Mao, Castro like revolution is real and that Covid is the pretext. You are “leading by example” when you don’t follow anything this Marxist captured agency says, and massively failing when you do.

  2. 3 cheers for the council!

  3. Follow the Science.
    Vaccines work and you no longer need a mask.
    The Delta variant scare is manufactured. Study was based on India and Provincetown RI modeling. Provincetown had a giant celebration on July 4. When Republicans do that they are called “Super Spreader” events.

  4. Like the governor says ultimate knuckleheads.
    Well at least I hope they’re washing their hands

  5. Guess the above commenters are reading science fiction. Also 2 people spoke in person at the council meeting. Many more stayed home for a variety of reasons. Council members claim they are working on some form of additional communication options during public comment. There is no need to work anything out. They just don’t want to do it. As far as not wearing masks at the meeting, I guess they are not keeping up with vaccine developments. Today it was announced that Moderna vaccine recipients will need a booster in the fall due to Covid variants on the rise. We are wearing masks again when indoors in a public place because our doctors are telling us it is in our best interest to do so.

  6. “We are wearing masks again when indoors in a public place because our doctors are telling us it is in our best interest to do so”

    Nonsense…political operatives r telling those vaccinated to wear masks. Anything to maintain control of ur life. Keep drinking the kool-aid.

  7. I could not be prouder of the council for not wearing masks. Ridgewood has a remarkable 96% vaccination rate (according to NJDOH) for ages 18+. Why should the council wear a bandaid (masks) to protect them when our community has a bullet proof vest (vaccines)? Follow the science, Tony, and stop living in fear!

  8. hardly any new cases in NJ and zero recent deaths

  9. Thank you Ridgewood council for true leadership. Forget the bs. We are proud of you.

  10. I dont know how the council puts up with it. Wear a mask or don’t. Show up if you want to comment or don’t.
    Thank you for your service. Great job!

  11. They are leading by example, just not the example you want. It’s time to get on with our lives.

  12. Mr Loving. Do your homework before you post your BS. Borough hall doesn’t require you to wear a mask, no town hall in State does, they recommend you do but you don’t have to, only the idiots that aren’t vaccinated are required to wear masks, but they don’t, they think they will never get it ! So Again Why are we making a big deal that the Villiage Counsel didn’t wear masks when there not required in Borough Hall? Screw the mask’s and screw our wonderful Governor, by far the worst ever.

  13. Let’s see what happens by next week. I don’t trust government, I don’t trust doctors, I don’t trust scientists, but you know what it’s common sense if you are going to be around a lot of people put a mask on. I got my shots but still you don’t know. Do you know what pisses me off the most is getting a canker sore from dirty silverware .These restaurants in town leave the silverware on the tables they all should be wrapped up until you sit down so they are nice and clean.

  14. They are leading by example
    Thank God

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