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6:45 P.M.

  1. Call to Order – Mayor
  1. Statement of Compliance with the Open Public Meeting Act

    MAYOR: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided

           by a posting on the bulletin board in Village Hall,

           by mail to the Ridgewood NewsThe Record, and by   submission to all persons entitled to same as provided  by law of a schedule including the date and time of    this meeting.”

  1. Roll Call
  1. Comments from the Public
  1. Resolution to go into Closed Session
  1. Closed Session

Personnel – Appointments to Boards/Committees

  1. Adjournment





  1. 7:30 pm – Call to Order – Mayor
  2. Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meeting Act

            Mayor:  “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin    board in Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood NewsThe Record, and by submission   to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and      time of this meeting.”

  1. Roll Call – Village Clerk
  2. Flag Salute
  3. Public Comments (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes per Person – 40 Minutes in Total)
  4. Village Manager’s Report
  5. Village Council Reports
  6. Presentation
  7. Review of 2024 Capital Budget
  8. Update on West Glen Avenue Sidewalks
  9. Update on Schedler Property
  1. Discussion:
  2. Ridgewood Water


  1. Award Contract – WaterSmart Customer Billing Portal Software – Year 2
  2. Award Contract – WaterSmart Customer Billing Portal Software – 3-year                                    Contract
  3. Award Contract – Disposal of Soil Spoils from Repairs and Replacements
  4. Award Sole Source Contract – GIS Software Support
  5. Award Sole Source Contract – SCADA Software Support
  6. Award Sole Source Contract – GAC Material for PFAS Treatment
  7. Award Under State Contract – Maintenance of the pH, Chlorine and                                            Phosphate Analyzers
  8. Award Contract Under Educational Services Commission of New Jersey                          Contract – Bobcat Compact Excavator
  9. Award Professional Services Contract – PFAS Treatment Designs – Eastside,                      Main & Mountain
  10. Authorize Emergency Water Interconnection with Township of Mahwah
  11. Authorize Contacting Green Acres – PFAS Treatment Facilities Use of Land                             Preserved for Recreation & Conservation
  12. Authorize Change Order – Trolley Gate Replacement
  1.  Parking
  2. 2024 Parking Permit Pricing
  3. Amend Chapter 265, Vehicles and Traffic, “Deposit of Money Required;                                 Overtime Parking Prohibited”
  4.  Budget


  1. Award Contract – Historic Consultant
  2. Award Contract Under State Contract – Tri-Band Radios for Vehicles
  3. Award Contract Under State Contract – Ammunition
  4. Award Contract Under State Contract – New Village Website
  5. Award Contract Under Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing System – Vehicle Tracking Subscription
  6. Award Professional Services Contract – Archaeological Survey – Zabriskie-Schedler House and Property
  7. Authorize Shared Services Agreement – Use of Styrofoam Densifier – City of Garfield, Borough of Oradell, and Borough of Paramus
  8. Authorize Shared Services Agreement – Dewatered Sludge Disposal from Water Pollution Control Facility – Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission
  9. Authorize Temporary Shared Services Agreement – Removal of Trees on County Roads – Bergen County
  10. 2023 Budget Amendment-State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Grant
  1.  Policy


  1. Update to Chapter 212 – Parks and Recreation Areas – Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles
  2. Recommendations from Annual Report from Zoning Board of Adjustment
  1.  Operations


  1. Declare Property Surplus – Police Vehicles
  2. Declare Property Surplus – Police Car WatchGuard Camera System
  3. Appoint Local Emergency Management Council


  1. Public Comments (Not to Exceed 5 Minutes per Person)
  2. Adjournment


  1. Award Professional Services Contract – Archaeological Survey – Zabriskie-Schedler House and Property

    They will find nothing historic. It’s just another exhibit for submission to Trenton.

    1. They will find nothing historic because they DO NOT want to find anything historic because it would foil their plan to put the plastic field on that property and that is why they hired this sheister!

  2. Speaking of the King of Con, Peter P. is back!

  3. I cannot believe they are going to give the historic consultant more money considering non of the projects that he actually stated that he worked on panned out. He was either asked to leave or he wasn’t involved. No due diligence was done to ensure that this guy has any credibility, and he has a very checkered past with personal problems related to not paying child support and then his professional indiscretions where he admitted to lying, although he said he was in his twenties (like that is an excuse). Where there is smoke there is fire, so we can only assume doing business with him will come back to bite Ridgewood. Thanks to Paul, Siobahn, Evan and Pam for not doing what you were elected to do.

    1. It’s a clown show.

      1. With YOUR MONEY…

  4. It will be the usual shitshow, as per usual with this council. Let’s spend more money on things we don’t need, so that we don’t have money for things we do need. Great government.

  5. And the shady consultant is at the top of the list to get more money out of Ridgewood as we knew he would. This should be fun. Maybe he will talk for another hour and a half so they can cut public comments short again. Who will pick him up at the train station?

    1. An hour and a half of complete rambling, as if that would actually impress people that he knows what he is talking about, yes, there is something seriously shady about this guy. Paul thanking him for his thorough assessment. What a complete joke. We were paying attention so we know it is a con game, Paul.

  6. Guess who’s back, Shady’s back….

  7. What’s happening with parking? I went to the train station today and found they only allow three hours instead of 14 on ParkMobile app. Why is that? We have to print a paper permit and put it in the window?

  8. I saw this coming a mile away. I think the blog should hold a contest. It’s $10 to play. All you have to do is guess how much slim shady takes the Village taxpayers for in the end. Closest guess to the overall total wins, but this will probably be strung out until the 2024 election so you could consider it more like a long-term investment. My guess is $78,346. Where do I send my $10 bucks James?

    1. I like your figure, it is pretty close to what I was thinking at $65 K, plus expenses. Then when they figure out how much it will be to move a house, it may cost more. They can go round and round with this for a good long while and PP will likely milk Ridgewood for every dollar he can since he has them on the hook. Some of his other “assignments” didn’t work out so well and he was asked to leave.

  9. Spend, spend, spend,

  10. There was no RFP to hire this “consultant” and no one else was considered. His expertise was not validated and there was negative feedback that was provided on shady’s background. The majority block council advocated for him because he promised to get them what they wanted, which was to put the giant plastic field on the historic property. Period end of story. They cannot say that they were not aware of this guy’s background. and they don’t care if they get what he want. It still doesn’t answer the question of artificial turf being placed near private wells, but they probably don’t care much because they will be out of office by the time those neighbors can do something about it, so it won’t be their problem. Just remember, birds of a feather flock together. So the legacy is that Vagianos, Perron, Weitz and Winograd to be Bergen County’s biggest laughing stocks will follow them forever. How can any of them hold their heads up high when they are driving Ridgewood into the ground. It all looks good from the outside with shiny new garbage cans but if you look behind the veil you will realize it is the hot mess express.

    1. People will be digging into the consultant to get facts. The truth will come out and Paul cannot feign ignorance. There are many sound bits to prove it. News media will have to be contacted.

  11. Time too sell your house. Enjoy your life.

  12. I think we need to add RECALL PAUL to the agenda as a discussion item. It will definitely be a hot topic for the many people who want him out. Let us count the many unethical things he has done and is capable of. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

  13. I still don’t understand how TapInto can be so closely affiliated with the mayor. It is supposed to be a local independent news outlet but the owner runs Paul’s Facebook page, was a former campaign manager for him, prints news articles and special op ed pieces for him, etc. Sounds highly unethical to me.

    1. For benefiting him, it’s fellowship and professional courtesy.

      If it were for someone else, he would call it CORRUPTION.

      If it were for folks who want another sports field (eventually to be maintained with taxpayer funds), it’s “putting your money where your mouth is.”

      If it were for something else, it would be a BRIBE.

  14. so many people have a visceral reaction to this shady character, it is just mind blowing that this majority block council and mayor do not care about anything but putting their plastic field on the historic property. Can’t wait to see what lies in store for this evening. Shitshow for sure.

  15. Tonight the mayor stated that he was completely unaware of any of the allegations about Mr. Primavera. Yep, he stated that right from the days. Apparently, he never listen to any of the comments over months and months of meetings, and he never read any of the many many emails that were sent to him on this subject.

    We also heard from the day is tonight from Councilwoman Winograd that 25% of the Ridgewood population is unable to walk.

    1. Winograd is uninformed. Never believe anything she says. It’s all bullshit.

  16. OOPS HE DID IT AGAIN. Paul lied at tonight’s meeting. Out and out lied. This is why he needs to be recalled. He said he knew nothing about Peter Primavera’s indescrestions and the fact that he has been overstating his capabilities-this is absolutely not true as residents have spoken, emails have been written stating that he didn’t not possess the credentials he stated that he has. If you check out the shady consultant site he has organizations listed that don’t exist. WHY CAN THE MAYOR LIE AND GET AWAY WITH IT?

    1. most of the village council does not know how to use google ?

  17. Mr. Halaby, stated that he considers himself to be “the best friend that Schedler has” because he wants the property to be developed responsibly but most recently stated that the house has black mold and that he was very concerned about the health and safety of residents going into the house. When questioned by a resident last night about the fact that he was essentially trespassing on private property numerous times, he stated that he simply walked into the Schedler house and took his own private tour by asking workers if he could do so.

    1. He also called the Schedler property “one big dump”! He is as obsessed with Schedler development as Paul, Evan, Pam and Siobahn are. Obsessed. He is just a miserable old man who thinks it is ok to trespasse on private property.

  18. Winograd’s husband was at the meeting last night but conveniently left prior to someone bringing up that he was on the Ad-Hoc Committee for the Schedler property development that voted to implement a smaller field, which is also something that Siobahn used during her campaigning (lovely playgound, smaller field, etc). Conveniently cherry picked from that plan to later vote on cutting all of the trees down at Schedler and is now talking eco turf because she cares for the health of residents living in the Schedler neighborhood. This will likely come back to bite them but they will continue on with their evil plot to destroy that neighborhood and serve the only community they care about.

    1. They want the larger field for adult soccer according to sources in the village. He is either planning to start his own team or something to that effect. So of course, the good wife needs to support this effort and also to win favor amongst the sports community which are the only constituents she cares about.

  19. Didn’t the village take Green Acres money to go towards the Schedler property, which means any town in NJ should be able to use the field, not just Ridgewood. Normally when there is a meeting to discuss the field that they are planning, the sporting folks show up in their uniforms because they likely get tipped off by Paul and company. I would like to know how there will be a fair balance between scheduling local teams and other teams outside of Ridgewood as it would be discrimination if everyone cannot use it.

  20. Last night Village also talked about all of the trees they plan to cut down in order to put in their massive field. Despite Peter Primavera stating during his 90 minute diatribe when he testified about “his assignment to get the field on the Schedler property” a few months back, he specifically said that Chris Rutishauzer told him that the giant sugar maple trees, in addition to most everything else will need to be taken down. The Village will make the case that most if not all of the trees are compromised in some way and as Paul and Evan constantly say “It could have been a 7-11”

  21. To oppose this over development, leveling of almost every tree and oppose turf, please contact the STATE HISTORIC PRESERVATION OFFICE (SHPO) as the governing board that has the final say on whether this field is appropriately placed on a historic property, you can contact:

    State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Historic Preservation
    609 940-4312

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