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Village of Ridgewood $52.9 million budget is Adopted


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Wednesday, the  Village Council  by a 3-2 vote, adopted a $52.9 million budget that includes a 4.3 percent municipal tax increase. Mayor Susan Knudsen, Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon and councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds voted for the budget while councilwomen Pamela Perron and Bernadette Walsh voted against it.

The 4.3% municipal tax increase is the highest in six years. The $52.9 million budget is up $1.9 million, or 3.9%, from last year. The amount to be raised from taxes is $37.7 million, up $1.6 million, or 4.43%.

On the average home, valued at $701,644, municipal taxes will be $4,544, up $186, or 4.3%, from 2020. Municipal taxes account for 24% of the 2021 tax dollar. Schools account for 65.4% of local taxes, county taxes for 11.22%.

Echoing words of the Biden administration and the Murphy Administration , Ridgewood Chief Financial Officer Robert Rooney “COVID-related expenses and lost revenue” were the prime cause when the budget was presented April 14th.



7 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood $52.9 million budget is Adopted

  1. Perron is an idiot. Said she didn’t have sufficient information to cast a vote, then voted no. What a moron. And Walsh voted no only because she’s still pissed that she’s not the mayor.

  2. Should read adopted not adapted.

  3. What a joke some are. They didn’t get the information, come on.

  4. Nothing more than a cheap political stunt. Perron and Walsh just wanted to go on record as not voting for an unpopular tax increase. Two friggin’ cowards. It was all about them, not what was best for their constituents.

  5. I guess all of them should have vote yes for this large tax increase. Just keep on spending.

    1. the economy was closed for a year ie no business no taxes get it

  6. If two out of 5 council members felt they needed clarification and more information before casting a yes vote, why wasn’t the vote postponed until they had that information? The mayor should have recused herself on the hiring of additional firemen and we all know that just because you ask for something like information, it depends on who is asking. The EMT is in shambles and regardless of all those who are concerned about the massive proposed changes, we the public get no meaningful answers just innuendos and “have a nice evening”.

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