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Village of Ridgewood Memorial Tree and Bench Program

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Ridgewood NJ, with all the talk about  the Village tree-scape, it seems good to remind the public that everyone can do their part to re-forest our little village.

honor the memory of the deceased family member ,friend or member of your organization . Commemorate a special day or event such as a wedding , birthday or  birth announcement . Recognize volunteers and employees dedicated service. Memorial Tree or Bench is a great way to celebrate a life or a special occasion. There are few other gifts that will be as long lasting as a tree . A tree will immortalize your personal occasion and a bench will give you and your family a place to go and remember .

Donations  may be made by a sponsor ( an individual or group) for any of our Village of Ridgewood residents. A tree or a bench will be placed in a municipal park located within the Village of Ridgewood. The Village does it best to place them in a perfect place in your desired park. Exact placement is at the discretion of  the Village of Ridgewood  Parks and Recreation Department.

The trees will be planted in the fall .Donors will be notified of the exact date so that you may present for the planting .The tree will be chosen by the sponsor working with the Village of Ridgewood to select the appropriate species  and site for the tree. A single bronze footing will be placed adjacent  to your tree and installed with the appropriate inscription. It is approximately $650 for the tree ; this includes the memorial plate  and continued maintenance of the tree.

Memorial benches can be dedicated throughout the spring, summer and fall.  The benches are teak purchased from a Backyard Living in Ridgewood . The Village will pour the cement , set the bench with the memorial plaque attached.  The cost is around $850  for the bench ,plaque and cement.  The Village will notify once the bench is installed .

You can discuss your preference with the Director of the Parks and Recreation department .Memorial benches and trees will be provided for a more enjoyable experience for the citizens and visitors of the Village of Ridgewood for years to come.

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  1. This is a great program. For any number of different occasions from sad ones to celebratory ones. Plant a tree.

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