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Village of Ridgewood Planning Board Meeting : Orchard Soil Remediation

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Ridgewood NJ,Important Village of Ridgewood Information:

April 21: Tonight’s Planning Board Meeting agenda item: Board of Education/Orchard School, 230 Demarest Street, Block 2310, Lot 10 – Major Soil Permit (soil remediation) – please see agenda for virtual meeting details and public comment instructions visit

(Meeting will be a webinar format allowing the public to join by phone or PC – notify the Planning Board host by “raising your hand” during public comment sections)
RIDGEWOOD’S FUTURE DEPENDS ON YOU! DON’T FORGET to visit and comment on the FUTURE OF THE VILLAGE – Master Plan Visioning Public Comment:
QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: email Deputy Mayor Knudsen

6 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Planning Board Meeting : Orchard Soil Remediation

  1. Why waste the money remediating the soil?
    The kids and staff will be wearing masks and gloves for the rest of their lives.
    It’s the New Normal…. remember?

  2. Virtual learning, school closures …. a welcome distraction for those who knew about this issue 10+ years ago and did nothing

  3. It’s important to note that tests came back that the Orchard Field is still very far from causing any health risks so masks wouldn’t be needed anyway. But glad they’re doing something to make it better.

  4. Really?
    What tests?
    Who sanctioned the testing?
    Yea, that’s what I thought.

  5. Classic. Knudsen probably wants to also remediate all of the soil that was dumped illegally by the high density housing developers at the Schedler property, not to mention the Old Town garage site with it’s underwater toxic plume…

  6. Who are you kidding?!? Unless Knudsen’s family lives close by she doesn’t care a lick. If she does it’s because one of her kids In a sweet job we all pay for wants to buy a house nearby.

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