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Village of Ridgewood Says Goodbye to Old Meters,Welcomes Kiosks

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Ridgewood NJ, The Village of Ridgewood has launched all-new smart parking kiosks in partnership with Flowbird Group. The 85 new CWT Touch kiosks replace older coin-operated single-space meters and will assist in opening up congested streets in the Downtown Business District.

The Village of Ridgewood has recently seen an increase in restaurants and shops opening in the center of town. With the growing popularity, locals and visitors have been struggling to find a convenient place to park. In response, the Village Council approved two major enhancements, a 4-level, 240 space parking garage to be built downtown, and 85 new Flowbird CWT Touch pay-by-plate parking kiosks to ease customer parking transactions. Combined, the kiosks have replaced many antiquated coin-operated meters with modern user-friendly functionality, and revenues will aid in paying for the new parking garage.

Parking kiosks/meters are in use now.  As a reminder, the rates are $1/hour in the lots and $1.25/hour on the street. Kiosks take credit cards or coins. Parking kiosks have replaced most of the meters, but there are still 15 minute meters at the beginning of each side street, off of East Ridgewood Avenue.  Parkmobile may also be used at parking spaces, by downloading the app.

Ridgewood also boasts a major transit station in the center of town, offering train services to other New Jersey towns with connections to New York City.  Flowbird kiosks are placed strategically in the station parking lots making it easy for people to pay for parking and quickly hop on their trains.

The implementation comes after a successful test period where the kiosks’ interactive touch-screen and pay-by-plate functionality proved favorable among the Village’s Council members. The new CWT kiosks are solar-powered, and have a full-color display, providing an intuitive experience that mimics the interface of today’s digital touch technology. Functioning in pay-by-plate mode, customers register for their parking session using their license plate as their unique identifier. Locals and visitors are not required to display a receipt on their dashboard, though they have the option to print a receipt or opt-in for an eco-friendly receipt via text.  Payment is conveniently accepted in coins, credit, or debit card.

Each CWT kiosk wirelessly communicates to Flowbird’s cloud-based back-office system, making it easy to monitor hardware for maintenance staff. Flowbird’s robust management system also allows for remote rate and message changes, real-time alerts, and detailed reports that allow parking services personnel to customize and filter data. The Village will not only be able to analyze parking activity trends, but it will also be able to streamline operations and increase meter uptime.

Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for over 800 customers throughout the U.S.  This project allows the company to continue its expansion in New Jersey, joining partner cities such as Atlantic City, Bloomfield, Newark, Rahway, and Trenton with integrated Flowbird on and off-street systems.

22 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Says Goodbye to Old Meters,Welcomes Kiosks

  1. Dumb idea
    Looks like shit
    Chases away shoppers to the malls
    whats next? Zip car parking? Citibike?
    welcome to ‘east montclair’

  2. Not a fan. Meters replaced with hundreds of signs pointing to a kiosk. Must have kept the village busy printing signs for months. Gone are the ‘dropping in for a few minutes to make a pickup’ by simply adding a dime to a meter. You either wander to the closest kiosk or spend 60 cents on your parkmobile app for a two minute stay. Must be fun to implement this scheme in town, then leave to run for freeloader.

  3. It’s all about revenue generation. No more freebies at the expense of the previous meter user.

  4. Bad move, I’m not using it. And what is the town going to do when the batteries go dead at the kiosk.

  5. Here fixed that fer ya…

    Village of Ridgewood Says Goodbye to Old Meters</del Shoppers,Welcomes Kiosks Tumbleweeds.

  6. Fixed that for YOU!

    Village of Ridgewood Says Goodbye to Old Meters Shoppers,Welcomes Kiosks Tumbleweeds.

  7. Yup. Stopped doing my quick errands in town once the meters were gone. I am not amenable to taking a photo of my plate (so I can refer to it), walking to a kiosk, entering my plate number and paying $1.25 hour. Not happening. Bye bye.

  8. Not a fan either – will not be using or shopping in town

  9. Anon bullseyed

    Must be fun to implement this scheme in town, then leave to run for freeloader.

    Robin Hood award

    They will back for the horrendous
    Garage Pol ribbon cutting ..

    Be sure to photo catalogue the elevators stairwells soon to be filthy
    Refer NJT Elevators & Stairwells

  10. For even more visual fun, someone can add a few of those yellow ‘special permit required’ tiny signs to the post too. Surely they could have taken off the old sign when putting the new?

  11. Pay to park?
    So I can spend in the CBD?

  12. Not a fan of kiosks or parking in a multi story garage. Do not see how this helps the businesses or the shoppers they hope to attract.

  13. Did Tommy Boy Rica ever makes his reparations to the Village?

  14. He truly got away scot free. Others have been sent to prison for under 50,000 dollars. He stole almost 20 times that amount. It was big time grand larceny and no prison time.

  15. Not worth it

  16. A non solution looking for a town of suckers..

    That crap razors etc comes via amazon..they probably own the parking software company so they know what zips to lower prices to crush every small shop or store owner

  17. Always a year late to the cool crew
    And a million dollars over budget

    But taxpayers on hook for school expenses new fields after 4 years then excuses on mismanagement .

  18. Excessive signage pollution

    Would not permit that crap on your own front lawns or CURBS

  19. I waited 10 minutes while 2 men tried to figure out the Kiosk to pay for parking on Friday night……….
    I left because I was already late for my dinner reservation

    Too many signs and downloading the parkmobile app is confusing

    Ridgewood unfortunately is changing in too many ways that do not represent the old values we used to have!!

  20. What “old values” are represented by parking meters? Get a grip.

  21. Used to love downtown because of its Old/historic like feel there; old buildings; old parking meters; you take that away then it’s just like any other towns w/ new buildings that nobody wants to go to ( ended up in banckcruptcies: Fir some reason old world feeling attracts younger crowds now not just the seniors , so take note
    RIdgewood officials not every new technology brings people ( revenue) !

  22. I have not parked in the CBD since they took out meters. I go elsewhere now. 30 years in R’wood and I never thought I’d see the day.

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