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Village of Ridgewood seeks to acquire Town Garage Property via Eminent Domain Process

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
The Village Council announced during its Wednesday night Public Work Session a proposal to acquire via an eminent domain/condemnation process the former Town Garage property on Franklin Avenue near South Walnut Street.  The Village’s intent is to turn the property into a pocket park (park, not parking).

The Ridgewood Blog will post further details as they are made available.

16 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood seeks to acquire Town Garage Property via Eminent Domain Process

  1. We need some monuments in that park!

    Nominations please

  2. It’s about time what a mess at that location for so long. Why did it take so long. This was their plan 10 years ago.

  3. Who is on the hook for the environmental cleanup??????????????

  4. How about building another GINORMOUS GARAGE to take care of the overflow from the always full Hudson street GINORMOUS GARAGE.

  5. Now watch the money trail.

  6. Ridgewood is responsible for clean up in eminent domain

  7. Omg. Another money pit. How much did they spend on that small lot.
    1-buy the land
    2-clean up the site
    3- knock down the building
    4- Develop the site
    5- Maintain the site

  8. In addition to cleaning up the toxic mess the village will be out the $25k+ that property pays in taxes. Why oh Why can’t we force the owner to clean up the mess… then hold them accountable for maintaining the location. I hope that the real market value is considered, buy it “as is” not what the property would be worth if it was a clean site. Surely it is not even worth the assessed value at this point.

  9. Theres a very good reason it hasn’t been sold . . .the environmentally liability me we’ll be in the millions. Cleaning up the site AND the plume will take years and put Ridgewood in the poor house. The site won’t be usable or transferable for a very, very long time. This is downright stupid.

  10. The value of the property is less than the cleanup costs. It worthless. The current owners need to do the clean up. Period. Non-negotiable. They purchased it speculating the Village would pay big money to out parking there. Let’s not reward them for their stupidity.

  11. It’s a nice little scam. Sell your property that you know needs cleanup to a pop-up LLC(120 Franklin LLC), let it run fallow for years, then let the village seize under eminent domain and boom! Off the hook for a million in cleanup.

  12. who owns it now?

  13. It is owned by an LLC based in Orangeburg N.Y. that appears to be a RE developer. The LLC owns several other properties in NJ.

  14. Ridgewood wants to be Hoboken,and they are on the track to further Chaos.

  15. can the LLC be looked up on the NJ or NY websites to see who the REAL owners are?
    Charge the owner $1000 per day until the dump is cleaned up
    Better than getting the Village on the hook for the environmental clean up.

  16. The concerned citizens should keep in mind that the town will be on the hook for a huge environmental cleanup anyway if the site is developed. The Town Garage property has no underground fuel tanks, only an abandoned waste oil storage tank that is empty. The 2-3000 gallon gasoline storage tanks were removed in 1989, the soil was tested, and the EPA as well as the Village signed off on the work and approved everything. Pollution free. I was there for all the work, and have close to 100 photos of the work from start to finish. The property was given a clean bill of health at that time.
    The pollution on the site stems from the corner property, owned by the Village since the 70’s, when they purchased the former Texaco station to make it a parking lot. When the building was torn down, the gasoline tanks and waste oil tank were removed, but the 550 gallon fuel oil tank for the furnace to heat the building was left in the ground, and was full. The oil would be visible every summer for years and the Village ignored the problem with their property. This oil leeched over into the Town Garage property.
    Good luck with your environmental hazard.

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