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Village Council Regular Public Meeting

For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, Village Hall is closed to the public and meetings are being held with participants at remote locations, connecting to conferencing software provided by  Members of the public are invited to view meetings live using Zoom, which also allows them to “raise a hand” and contribute with voice and video when they are invited to do so during Public Comments as well as during Public Hearings during the meeting.

Please click the link below to join the virtual meeting:                                    
Or Telephone, Dial:  1-646-558-8656                                                                                   

Webinar ID: 827 1086 3509




APRIL 14, 2021

8:00 P.M.


1.   Call to Order – Mayor


2.   Statement of Compliance with the Open Public       Meetings Act

“Due to the fact that we continue to meet through a remote meeting format, there are some required     announcements to be made.

All participants are muted during this     meeting.

Anyone wishing to make comments, may do so during Comments from the Public, and during     the public hearings on any ordinances by   dialing *9 on your phones to raise your hand,      and then once you are recognized, dialing *6   on your phones to unmute, or by raising your      hand icon if you are on your computers. You   must state your name and address for the      record.

Members of the public may also submit written   comments to us for any future remote meetings by either email to Donna Jackson, Deputy Village Clerk, at,   with the subject line, “Comments for Village   Council Meeting” or written letter to Donna   Jackson, Deputy Village Clerk at Village   Hall. Written comments must have a name and   address, and be received by 4:00 p.m. on the     day before the remote meeting in order to be read into the record during the meeting. All written comments must adhere to the time limits already set by ordinance.

Members of the public commenting during a remote meeting shall not act in any manner to   disrupt the meeting. If anyone becomes   disruptive during the meeting, they will be   muted. If time permits, the disruptive     individual shall be allowed to speak after   all other members of the public are provided an opportunity to comment.

Any continued disruption may result in the member being prevented from speaking during   the remainder of this meeting. Disruptive   conduct includes, but is not limited to,      shouting, interruption, and the use of     profanity.”


3.   Roll Call – Village Clerk


4.   Flag Salute and Moment of Silence


5.   Acceptance of Financial Reports


6.   Approval of Minutes


7.   Proclamations


A.   Proclaim April as Tree Planting Month and              April 20, 2021 as Arbor Day

B.   Proclaim April 1-30, 2021 Distracted Driving            Crackdown Campaign

C.   Proclaim May 2-8, 2021 National Drinking               Water Week

D.   Proclaim May as Building Safety Month

E.   Proclaim May as Older Americans Month

Pursuant to Chapter 3-19 of the Code of the Village of Ridgewood, Manner of Addressing Council, and Chapter

3-20, Decorum, the Village Council meetings shall be conducted in the following manner:

Manner of Addressing Council

Persons other than Council members may be permitted to address the Council in the proper order of business. A person present may, upon recognition by the Chair, be heard either upon ordinances upon second reading or at the time of petitions and oral communications from the public and at such other times as the Council may, by majority vote of those present, specifically permit. No person shall address any remark or question to any specific Council member, nor shall any person be permitted to address the Chair while a motion is pending. A Council member may, through the Chair, respond to any communication or address received pursuant to this section.


Any person who shall disturb the peace of the Council, make impertinent or slanderous remarks or conduct himself in a boisterous manner while addressing the Council shall be forthwith barred by the presiding officer from further audience before the Council, except that if the speaker shall submit to proper order under these rules, permission for him to continue may be granted by a majority vote of the Council.


8.  Comments from the Public (Not to exceed 3              minutes per person – 40 minutes in total)


9.   Village Manager’s Report


10.  Village Council Reports


11.  ORDINANCE – PUBLIC HEARING – ORDINANCE #3850 –                     Establish a CAP Bank


12.  2021 Budget Hearing


a.   Overview of 2021 Budget

b.   Village Council’s Comments

c.   Public Hearing on 2021 Budget








3851 – Bond Ordinance – Water Utility Capital

       (NTE $8,253,292)

3852 – Amend Chapter 145 Fees – Water Rates and PFAS           Treatment Charge




21-  Award Contract – Software Support – SCADA              System

21-  Title 59 Approval – Passaic Valley Water      Commission Interconnection

21-  Award Contract – Passaic Valley Water Commission   Interconnection

21-  Award Contract Under National Joint Powers    Alliance Cooperative Purchasing Contract – Various Maintenance Materials and Supplies

21-  Award Professional Services Contract – Consultant for Linwood Green Acres Diversion

21-  Award Professional Services Contract – PFAS   Treatment Plant – Ravine Well Site

21-  Authorize Change Order – Water Main Replacement – Jefferson Street and Salem Lane

21-  Support Application for Funding for Ridgewood      Water Improvement Projects




3860 – Amend Chapter 190 – Land Use and Development –          Article X – Zoning – Parking on Grass in   Residential Zones

3861 – Establish Special Service Charges for Open              Public Record Act (OPRA) Requests




3854 – Bond Ordinance – General Capital

       (NTE $6,430,325)

3855 – Bond Ordinance – Parking Utility Capital

       (NTE $103,000)

3856 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic –             Establish Glenwood Road as a One-Way Street

3857 – Amend Chapter 258 – Towing Regulations

3858 – Amend Chapter 145 – Fees – Towing Fees

3859 – Bond Ordinance – Cancellation of a Funded Debt          Authorization and Authorize Transfer of Amount            to Capital Surplus Fund Balance




21-  Award Contract – Disposal of Ground Yard Waste and Grass Clippings

21-  Award Contract – Phase II of Drainage Work to      Address Notice of Violation from Bergen County –          Drainage System at Fleet Garage

21-  Title 59 Approval – Plans for Franklin   Avenue/North Maple Avenue Corridor Improvements

21-  Title 59 Approval – Plans for Berm at Schedler     Park Property

21-  Title 59 Approval – Irrigation System Services for Parks and Recreation Department

21-  Award Contract – Irrigation System Services for    Parks and Recreation Department

21-  Award Contract under Bergen County Cooperative     Purchasing Program – Bituminous Concrete Plus    Various Road Repair Materials

21-  Award Contract under State Contract – Unleaded     Gasoline and Diesel and Fuel

21-  Award Contract under State Contract – Tires

21-  Award Contract under State Contract – Parts and    Services – Fleet Services

21-  Award Contract – Graydon Pool Concession      Refreshment Service

21-  Award Contract – Additional Project Closeout Services – Environmental Technical Support – Hudson Street Lot

21-  Award Additional Award of Contract – Kings Pond    Park Development Phase II

21-  Authorize Shared Services Agreement – ADA     Cooperative Curb Ramp Grant Program for the County   Road Resurfacing Program (Bergen County)

21-  Authorize Shared Services Agreement – County Road Resurfacing Program (Bergen County)

21-  Authorize Execution of NJDEP Settlement Agreement

21-  Authorize Execution of Memorandum of Understanding with Bergen County Department of Health Services –     Grants for Various Public Health Initiatives

21-  Approve Eagle Scout Project – Honoring Thomas      McGuire

21-  Confirm Endorsement of Community Development Block Grant – Care Plus NJ – Air Filtration Upgrades at     Group Home

21-  Approve Major Soil Permit – Hopper Condominium     Association, Inc.

21-  Adopt Social Media Policy

21-  Authorize Grant Application – New Jersey Historic Trust Preserve New Jersey Grant Program –   Zabriskie-Schedler House, Phase II

21-  Approve Changes to Parking Regulations in     Residential Areas and in Central Business District

21-  Appoint Member to Ridgewood Green Team


20.  Comments from the Public (Not to Exceed 5 minutes per person)


21.  Resolution to go into Closed Session


22.  Closed Session


Personnel – Boards and Committees


23.  Adjournment



  1. Can’t wait for this road to be a one-way.

  2. When Glenwood becomes one way, will that mean Voigt can never get to Ridgewood again?

  3. 1– can’t wait for all the opra request to come out.
    2– employees receiving stipends for doing what ? In the amount they are receiving.
    3— don’t forget about the rice Notices that went to A few employees , Titles please
    4— Pickle ball,

  4. Get ready for the Rurik Halaby, Siobhan Winograd, Jeannie Johnson and Linda Scarpa insanity rants

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