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Village Say No Alligators in Graydon

July 10.2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Reader says Village should offer an alligator amnesty program for residents who wish to get rid of these illegal, exotic pets?

Ridgewood NJ, Village and Wildlife officials in Bergen County believe an alligator found swimming in the Passaic River Wednesday may have been someone’s pet that was released into the wild.

The alligator discovery is now raising concerns about how the owners obtained it in the first place and where it will go.
In New Jersey alligators are classified as a “potentially dangerous species,” which means only highly trained  expert should be handling them . A source at the Village Hall said , “keeping Graydon gator free is a top Village priority “.

4 thoughts on “Village Say No Alligators in Graydon

  1. Maybe some sharks.

  2. I think the sharks and alligators are across the street from graydon, caged in village hall.

  3. In the big picture of things, how often do we hear of alligators being found in local waterways? I think a top priority should be the clean up and preservation of Twinning Park. I suggested organizing a clean up effort, but I haven’t seen any interest, so I’ve been trying to pick up litter there as best as possible. It’s a daunting task for one person.

  4. What does clean up mean. Making it like a hospital. Or just getting rid of trash like empty bottles. There are no more tadpoles at Twinney’s like there used to be. Is that because it was “cleaned up.”

    There are supposed to be weeds there and all sorts of decaying vegetation. Not paper trash and broken bottles of course.

    I don’t necessarily trust you, clean up person.

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