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Warm-up Thefts , Criminal Like Warm Cars Too

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Twp. of Washington NJ, during the winter we know it is more comfortable to get in a warm car. However, even during daylight hours, please do not leave your vehicle running unattended.
Moments ago a vehicle was left running unattended and taken from our West side of town. Please remain vigilant and do not leave your vehicle running, unlocked, unattended at anytime.

7 thoughts on “Warm-up Thefts , Criminal Like Warm Cars Too

  1. Former NYG head coach Jim Fassel had his car stolen not once but twice when he left it idling to get a cup of coffee.

  2. Depends on the vehicle. Some autos with “remote start” automatically lock the doors when the car is remotely started.

  3. People are idiots

  4. Besides leaving a target for thieves, it’s selfish and a public health menace to leave a car running.

  5. I really don’t care I leave my car running when it’s real cold. I like driving a nice hot car in the winter. So if you don’t like it look the other way.

  6. Most of the people keeping their cars running are the same people who
    – DEMAND a 25mph speed limit
    – RELIGIOUSLY BELIEVE that cars cause Global Warming
    – SUE companies when their car get broken into or stolen
    – VIGOROUSLY fight against “privilege”

    In other words, self-important, self-involved, arrogant, feckless hypocrites.

  7. New cars have nice remote starting buttons that heat up and start but are not drivable until you take the FOB in car and hit the push start. Love getting a nice toasty car in cold weather. I let it run for 10 m8n and heat the steering wheel and seats. So cozy.

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