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Washington Township Recreation Club Has Been Sold !

the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Twp. of Washington NJ, Washington Township Recreation Club  has been sold :

“I was informed by the Washington Township Recreation Club that a final vote on the sale of the property took place and their Members accepted another offer. Obviously I, and I am sure a great majority of residents will share in my disappointment by this decision. The offer the town made was exactly what the Board asked for. I am, however, proud and grateful for the level of enthusiasm and motivation shown by the public in contacting the elected officials to express their opinions.
It also bears mentioning that I was informed a deciding factor in their choice was the underwhelming interest and enthusiasm and apparent lack of commitment shown by some council members during the council’s vote to acquire the property and make a good faith effort to make a town pool viable. Council members Feeney, Morgan and Sears were firmly in favor of the purchase. Councilman Cascio voted no twice. councilman DeSena initially voted no on the first vote when he thought is was the final vote. I then asked the swim club for an extension and the second vote was taken. Councilman Desena then voted yes but made it clear he did NOT support any efforts to make a town pool viable. It showed a lack of commitment to the terms of the purchase and the vision that so many of our residents and constituents expressed and shared.
I am concerned that although the club did not sell the property to a developer, there may be nothing in the agreement or the deed that would prevent or protect our community from such a sale in the future.
Any further questions, comments and concerns regarding the sale should be specifically directed to the Club.
Again, I encourage residents to always have your voices heard on all topics and continue contacting your elected officials regarding the future of YOUR town.”
Mayor Peter Calamari
July 24, 2021

2 thoughts on “Washington Township Recreation Club Has Been Sold !

  1. I want to ask the mayor of Washington Twp when people of the town try to reach him about important issues about the town he never gets back to them as a mayor of the town it’s his duty as a mayor to get back to the people of the town that is his job

  2. Did Bergen Catholic buy this property?

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