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Welcome to RHS Jamboree 2023… JamboTales!

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the  staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, once upon a time, in a Village not very far away, a community came together in an annual Jamboree to make dreams come true to send Ridgewood High School Seniors to college and change lives for generations to come. Through joyful song and spirited dance, the Jamboree parent volunteers, sponsors, & supporters show us that fairy tales do indeed come true.
150+ Avatars of Jamboree will be busy practicing and preparing for JamboTales next month. Meaning of Avatar (in Hindusim) A manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.

Please help support this wonderful organization by one of the following ways to raise money for need/merit based scholarships for graduating class of RHS:
1. Donating any amount of money using the link –
2. If you live within drivable distance, please consider watching the show on Feb 09, 10th, or 11th, please follow this link to stay updated –
3. Buying a 50/50 Raffle ticket for $10/ticket. You do not need to be physically present to win (last year, the winner took more than $20,000 dollars) and can buy the ticket from anywhere on the planet – please PM me if you wish to buy a ticket and you do not need to be present to win.
4. If you are part of a business, please consider putting an ad or be a scene sponsor to support this community. The ad is virtually viewed by 500+ follows of #RHSJamboree and will be part of a printed journal and playbill with virtual QR codes
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