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Welcome to Ridgewood : Village Council Election , Master Plan Vote , and School Budget

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Planning Board Board agreed to carry the vote for the New Master Plan  to the planning board meeting set for October 4th. The October 4th vote conflicts with the Yom Kippur holiday and this prompted the board to consider moving the vote to October 18 if necessary.

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Some residents asked the  Ridgewood Planning Board to delay the Master Plan vote in an effort to push the vote to after the November election . This group of residents are the same pro development group that claims to be in the dark over the masterplan . Their agenda is simple from the beginning , to turn Ridgewood into Hackensack .

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The group first focused on eliminating the Ridgewood School Budget vote making it easier for the school board to push through the major expansion of Ridgewood Schools that will be necessary if the pro-high density housing group takes over the council. The next target has been the Master Plan  where this group hopes their victory in November’s election will allow them to make changes to push through huge new projects at the behest of local developers .

The official filing deadline for the village council election this November has passed , leaving four candidates who have submitted petitions. The four candidates listed in the order they submitted petitions are Siobhan Winograd, Evan Weitz, James VanGoor, and Susan Knudsen.

Siobhan Winograd, and Evan Weitz represent the developers looking to exploit the Ridgewood Taxpayer , make lots of money off the over development of the Village of Ridgewood and ,.move to Florida . Fire Chief  James VanGoor, and current Mayor Susan Knudsen will attempt to hold the line against urbanization . Looking to incrementally move the Village into the future while attempting to maintain some of the town’s charm .

The Village took several major hits over the last 30 years starting with the Village Hall reconstruction fiasco , and peaking with the “3 Amigo” administration led by Paul Aronsohn which sold the village out to developers , destroyed much of its charm and shifted the Village of Ridgewood from “the town” to a town .
Ridgewood 3 amigos
November’s election will determine whether Ridgewood will continue its long decline or start to move forward and reclaim some of its former glory  with adult planning replacing egregious self interest.
All candidates must answer the following questions in order to be taken seriously :
1) How much money are you willing to accept for your campaign from developers ?
2) Have you and any member of your family been promised a discounted rent in a new development ?
3) Are you currently having an adult relationship with any other council members, candidates, media personalities, Village employees , or former Village employees ?
4) Are you willing to put the interests of the Village of Ridgewood over the interest of any state or local political party or political action committee or political agenda outside of the Village of Ridgewood ?

29 thoughts on “Welcome to Ridgewood : Village Council Election , Master Plan Vote , and School Budget

  1. -did you vote for/support the CBD garage
    -did you vote/support the 4 new apt buildings
    -did you vote for/support eliminating Ridgewood residents Right to Vote on the school budget

  2. I cannot imagine the people to not show up to Phone regarding voting for the Board of Education budget. You cannot make this up, how stupid can people be. There’s so many bright individuals and Ridgewood why would you let this happen. Don’t they realize that everyone’s hands are tied now. You lost all your voting power. They can do whatever they want to. Who is going to stop them. No one. So now the taxpayers on the village of Ridgewood will just keep on paying and paying, wait until Ridgewood doesn’t receive extra monies in funding for education and they will have to raise taxes to cover that. And wait until Valley hospital turns in to housing and there’s more kids in the school. Can you imagine another five years. Oh boy.

    1. So this is rich…the candidate who led the charge in eliminating the public school budget vote suggested holding the vote during spring break amounted to a form of voter suppression and consolidating voting in November would increase turnout. Well how did that work out for us all? Said candidate neglected to tell the public that its impossible to vote for the school budget in November…

      Don’t fall for the double speak in this council election. The plan behind the curtain will further the Ridgewood decline.

    2. We never had the ability to vote down a school budget. We could only say it was unacceptable and then turn it back for revision (which was always minor). Woth that said, I still wanted the separate vote so I could express my support or lack thereof. We need BoE member like Mr. Dani and Ms Kwak to ensure we get quality at a reasonable cost. They are the best things to happen to this Village in a long time.

      1. The problem with special school budget elections is that only the soccer moms and other ideologues show up to vote most of the time.

        When the election was moved into the general election the thing that wasn’t publicized is that the budget was not included and could increase up to 2% without question.

  3. Political signs in both residential and commercial zones shall not be permitted to be placed on any publicly owned property, including, but not limited to, municipally owned property, library property, parks, rights-of-way trees, telephone poles, lighting stations, street or traffic signs, tree wells or planters, water utility property, and/or any other such publicly owned property within the Village, including the Planting Strips between the Curbs and Sidewalks

    1. Already signs down Lincoln Ave in the forbidden zone!

      1. Everyone needs to express themselves. Even if they know nothing about what they are doing. Perhaps a neighbor will advise them of a different point of view.

    2. i grew up here
      we NEVER had political signs of any sort around
      its the newbie ex-new yorkers
      how embarrassing to have a ‘josh’ sign…
      he’s a phony and always votes with pelosi

      1. Reminds me of Hudson county in the early 70’s……

        1. Human nature doesn’t change. Hudson County or Bergen County. Gotta vote with your head and know what each candidate stands for. So far it seems they avoid hardy questions about how they intend on increasing assessments while holding down property taxes, BOE budget and municipal employee salaries.

    3. I agree because only the eager, energetic and money bags can do this. I want to see a debate or written answers to important questions. Especially ones that relate to money and governing.

    4. Just say private property only for political signs. One vote One sign.

  4. Shiv & Evan…perfect together
    Our money, their ambition.

  5. It was Winograd’s project and she achieved it: removing the public’s right to vote on the school budget, which represents the bulk of our ever-increasing property taxes.

    Please think hard and long if you are considering voting for her or the arrogant jerk she is running with.

    1. Leader of One Village One Vote team that took away your right to vote on the school budget…pushed for Nov consolidation but neglected to mention residents could no longer vote for the school budget in Nov. Now this candidate would like your vote…isn’t that special!

  6. Don’t like how the school budget is managed? Vote for different BOE members. Simple.

    1. LOL………………….

  7. The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization working to protect and expand voting rights and ensure everyone is represented in our democracy. This org is hosting the candidates on the 19th of October.

    1. Lwv if you wanted to be neutral you would allow residents to ask their own question. Otherwise it’s screened by the league and tough question will never be asked to the candidates they favorite

  8. Winnograd is a cry baby who can only focus on small things like pickleball, and hybrid access. Don’t recall her talking about solutions to lowering our taxes and I was told she didn’t attend any master plan meetings. She’s on the RW alumni board but sent her kids to another school. Nope she smells like a developer and we don’t need that.

  9. We need a more business like leadership. Leaders who don’t sit still and relish everything staying the same. (nothing ever stays the same) We need a progressive business like attitude. Not like, the current mayor Susan knudsen. We need a fresh forward approach to increase cash flow by raising assessments , not taxes, through new construction, while holding down property taxes for the resident owners. New construction pays for the increases in the board of education budget.

    1. to bad you cant have new construction without new taxes

      1. Go back on your bicycle. New construction creates new taxes. Creates new assessment ! and you leave the old property tax payers alone.

        1. where’s the water going to come from, new schools, police, fire , sewage and don’t forget all the road work

        2. Not if you don’t have to pay school taxes.

  10. There are more important questions to ask the candidates :
    1. How will they increase assessments while not raising property tax.
    2. How will they increase the school budget and leave the resident property tax payers alone.
    3. How will they cope with the increasing population.
    4. How will they pay the rising cost of municipal employees without raising property taxes.

    The current administration has not dealt with these important questions so whatever answers they may have now, doesn’t matter. We need business leaders !! Where’s the planning board. What is their approach ? Clear cut and precise explanations. Not rhetoric that always puts things off till tomorrow.

    1. The VC has no control over the BoE budget which is 65% of your taxes.

  11. Hackensack had no choice . It automatically grew. Ridgewood too. Nothing stays the same. Anyone who votes for being stagnant votes for a decline in status. We need business people to take care of our economy. Not house husbands or house wives.

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