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What took Congresswomen Mikie Sherrill so long to address the disturbingly high Veterans Homes deaths in New Jersey ?

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PARSIPPANY NJ, Rosemary Becchi, Republican candidate in New Jersey’s 11th congressional district, is wondering why it took Mikie Sherrill so long to address the disturbingly high Veterans Homes deaths in New Jersey.

“I was banging this drum back in July, where was Mikie Sherrill then?”  Becchi said.  “She runs a campaign touting her military service, yet she ignored veterans in their time of need.  Veterans were not a priority for her entire first term and two weeks before the election she pretends to be an advocate?  Voters are smarter than that.  And shame on her for thinking they’re not.”
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last Spring, the New Jersey veteran nursing homes suffered extreme losses with one facility losing 1 in 4 residents for a total of 142 veterans, spouses, and Gold Star parents.  Rosemary Becchi called for an investigation back in July.
Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-L26) echoed Becchi’s criticism of Sherrill “This was a case of politicians circling the wagons to protect Murphy.  While the COVID-19 was making its way into our country, Mikie Sherrill was first in line playing phony impeachment games against President Trump.  She was focused on politics while we suffered the loss of 700 dead souls in our veterans’ homes.  Our veterans deserve better.”
Becchi continued. “Veterans know the type of advocate Mikie Sherrill has been in Congress.  They know she’s refused to meet them in DC.  They know she tried to reverse course and cozy up to them once campaign season kicked off.  They know what the New Jersey VFW thinks of her legislative record.  This attempt at trying to erase 2 years of turning her back on veterans will likely backfire.”
Two weeks before the election, Bill Pascrell and Mikie Sherrill introduced legislation to increase oversight in pandemic-plagued nursing homes in response to hundreds of veterans dying from Coronavirus.
The New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home, home to more than 250 elderly residents, many of whom had served in World War II and the Korean War, had more COVID deaths than any other nursing home in New Jersey.
Becchi concluded by promising to work harder for veterans. “This is a clear-cut example of how I will work to help veterans – and all New Jerseyans – versus my opponent’s approach.  When I see a problem, I’ll call it out immediately and roll-up my sleeves to help.  I won’t wait 3 months for a campaign photo-op.”
You can see Rosemary Becchi’s call for Mikie Sherrill to do something about the Veterans Homes issue back in July here.

4 thoughts on “What took Congresswomen Mikie Sherrill so long to address the disturbingly high Veterans Homes deaths in New Jersey ?

  1. It’s amazing that it took so long to address problems at the veterans home, and nursing homes to. They been so dirty for so many years. And so many problems. And I’m not talking at the high end nursing homes. Talking about the basic nursing home veterans home. Unacceptable , Someone’s been looking the other way for many years.

  2. Josh and Mikie only care about photo ops and getting elected.

  3. Murphy, and the politicians that support Murphy, should be prosecuted as murderers for this and the nursing home travisty.

  4. Marge Roukema would have cleaned this mess up…

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