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What You Should Know About VA Disability Benefits

There are currently around 1.3 million people enlisted and serving in the US army and since the US army began there have been up to 60 million soldiers that have served. That makes for a lot of veterans. If you are a veteran or know someone that is then there are some benefits that you are entitled to. 

Unfortunately, not every veteran is able to apply for these benefits so it’s best to know the finer details before applying. Here we are going to take a look at what you should know about VA disability benefits. 

What Are VA Disability Benefits? 

If you’re a veteran that has been injured, became ill whilst in the line of duty or serving for the US military, or your service resulted in a condition getting worse then you might be entitled to a monthly, tax-free, payout from the government called VA disability payment. The legal professionals from  explain that most of the conditions that lead to VA disability payments are physical like chronic illness or an injury, but there are a plethora of mental illnesses that allow you to claim, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. 

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible? 

As previously stated, not all veterans are eligible for this VA disability payment. In some cases, even if you’ve been injured whilst serving it might not qualify as a recognized disability. There are some strict guidelines that have to be followed in order to claim eligibility. If you believe that you have a condition that could qualify you for VA disability payments then you’ll have to apply and someone will check these requirements to see if you can claim. 

Firstly, and most obviously, you have to prove that you have served for the US army or are currently serving on active duty, within training, or have a disability rating for your service-connected condition. 

Following that, you must have experienced getting sick or injured whilst serving that you can prove links to your condition, had a pre-existing condition that was made worse by your service, or developed a disability that only came post service but was related to your active duty. 

How Much Compensation Will I Receive? 

If you qualify for these VA disability benefits then you’ll be receiving a certain amount per month depending on the level of severity linked to your condition. This is known as a disability rating. Your disability rating is a percentage connected to your service condition and it’s regarding your overall health and how your ability to function is affected compared to someone regarded as “normal”. 

If you have multiple conditions based on your service then these will be combined into an overall rating. The VA base disability ratings on numerous factors including the evidence you present them, information from federal agencies, and the results of your VA claim. The disability percentages are as follows:


This is known as being 10-20% disabled due to your condition. Those veterans that are determined to be 10% disabled are entitled to $142.29 a month. Those with a 20% disability will be entitled to $281.27 a month. These numbers do not change regardless of any other dependents you may have. 


The next level of disability payments takes into account if you have dependents at home that you need to look after, such as a partner, parents, or any children. A single veteran with a 30% disability will be entitled to $435.69 a month. A veteran with a 60% disability and dependent parents and children will be entitled to $1477.68 a month. 


This also takes into account the dependents of a veteran’s status. This tier has the highest entitlement regarding money due to the height of the disability percentage. A veteran with no dependents will be entitled to between $1436.17 and $3106.04 whereas a veteran with dependents could be entitled to between $1733.17 and 3545.02. 

There are many different factors that will affect your total compensation, for example, if you have more than two children then you’ll be entitled to more compensation per child. Everything is down to your individual situation. 

If you’ve served in the US army and have been injured physically or mentally then it’s worth looking into the VA disability scheme to see if you are eligible for monthly payments. Especially if you struggle to work due to the conditions. Every veteran is proud to have served for their country and if God forbid, something has happened to you then let the country you served help you. 

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