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What’s Glaucoma and why is prevention from this eye disease mandatory?

The health of the optic nerve of the eye ensures good vision. It is crucial that your eye’s optic nerve is in good health if you want clear vision. Here, let us introduce you to an eye condition called glaucoma due to which the optic nerve suffers. As a result, your eye’s vision starts worsening. This condition occurs when the pressure in the eye gets heightened. 

People who cross the age of 60 get blind due to glaucoma. However, glaucoma can affect people from all the age groups but the older ones are more prone.

How can you identify Glaucoma?

You would not know if your glaucoma is in the initial stages. There are no abrupt warning signs of glaucoma. It happens swiftly and your vision will remain intact until the disease doesn’t get adverse. It is only after the condition of glaucoma becomes worse that your vision starts deteriorating.

If you lose your vision due to glaucoma, you can’t restore it. Thus, it is essential that you get your eyes checked regularly for the pressure.

Doctor consultation is a must:

You should get your eyes examined regularly for the pressure. Only then it is possible that your glaucoma’s diagnosis is done at the right time. 

With the early recognition of glaucoma, it becomes possible that your eyesight loss can be slowed down or prevented fully.

In order to identify glaucoma at its early stages, let us introduce you to the prevailing symptoms. The symptoms of glaucoma are based totally on the condition of the disease. 

Different conditions of glaucoma:

In open angle glaucoma, blind spots occur in your peripheral vision that eventually affect your central vision too. As it advances, it affects your tunnel vision as well.

The other condition is acute angle closure glaucoma. In this, you experience excruciating headache. Your eyes start to pain as well. You become nauseated and start to vomit. Your eyesight gets blurred and when you look at any illuminating object, halos appear around it. To top it all, your eyes redden in this glaucoma condition.

If you ignore glaucoma, the condition would be very alarming and you can eventually get blind. 

When is the correct time to see a doctor for glaucoma?

Let us tell you what is the right time to consult a doctor.

If the mentioned symptoms of glaucoma start appearing in your eyes, you should hurry to see an ophthalmologist. Acute angle closure glaucoma is the most probable, hence you may have to go through pain in the eyes, vague vision and headache simultaneously.

Your eye doctor would prescribe you a proper schedule of medication that you have to follow. The medicines for glaucoma can be a bit heavy on your budget. Hence, you must only choose a platform that enables you to purchase effective and original drugs of good quality without breaching your budget. is the  best platform that enables you to purchase the best drugs for glaucoma in reasonable price. It is time that you start investing in the best medicine that is budget-friendly for the treatment of glaucoma and get it treated before the condition becomes worse.

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