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Which Romantic Comedy (rom-com) Classics Does New Jersey Enjoy the Most?

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, we know right now is an unprecedented time in history,since we all need a little extra love right now, the analysts at created a national report revealing each state’s favorite romantic comedy film. Which romantic comedy ie… rom-com classics does America enjoy the most?

As social distancing becomes the new normal, we want to see what rom-coms the world is watching.

During times like this, Americans turn to love and humor to keep warm. Here at, we’re also totally into laughable love stories, and we wondered if certain parts of the country are more obsessed with some titles than others.

What rom-com is the United States lovesick over? Apparently, we’re turning green with envy over Pretty in Pink, the throwback Molly Ringwald classic that stokes our 1980s nostalgia. It’s the belle of the ball, outshining other popular titles like Pretty Woman and About A Boy across large sections of the country.

Report highlights include:

Over one in every four states chooses Pretty in Pink as their rom-com top choice! All hail, John Hughes.
Everyone likes a movie that hails from their hometown: every one in seven states most enjoys movies filmed in their state the most.
We found predictable patterns of viewing behavior — clusters of romantic comedies dominate certain areas of the country.
Some popular favorites by state enforce regional clichés that are just too good to pass up commenting on:

Maine, which has the oldest median age in the United States, goes old school with It Happened One Night.
Oregon keeps it weird with Amélie, a quirky French film about an off-beat romance.
South Dakota, which rates in the top five highest birth rates in the U.S., gets Knocked Up a little more often.

To determine each state’s favorite romantic comedy film, our analyst team used a Google-generated list of top rom coms and ran them through Google Trends to find out which movies see the most love from state to state.

Read the full report here:


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