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White House Says there will not be a Federally Mandated Vaccine Certificates or Passports

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Ridgewood NJ, Discourse continues over the potential implementation of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination mandates for various institutions and workplaces before their return to normal operating procedures. Several universities have implemented policies requiring students to be fully vaccinated if they wish to attend in-person classes this fall. The rationale behind these decisions comes from data suggesting college campuses might be a significant contributor to local SARS-CoV-2 transmission due to factors such as congregant living and travel from various geographic regions. Of the at least 8 universities including Rutgers University  who have announced this plan, all will allow for religious and medical exemptions. The CDC has offered guidance for SARS-CoV-2 vaccination policies in the workplace, but there are no discussions of a national vaccine mandate.

Some experts and government officials have proposed vaccine certificates or passports as a means to resume “normal” pre-pandemic activities, but there have been mixed responses over the idea. Israel has implemented a “Green Pass” to those who have received two vaccine doses more than a week prior or have recovered from COVID-19 with presumed immunity to allow them access to gyms, hotels, and theaters. Applicants’ status is proven either with a hardcopy of their vaccination certificate or digitally through a health ministry app that is linked to the person’s medical file. China and the European Union also have expressed support for vaccine passports, with both planning to move forward with implementation. Although originally opposed to the idea, EU leaders are working toward approving and implementing a “digital green pass” program, which is expected to take three months to establish.
Despite growing support among some nations, not all are onboard. The American Civil Liberties Union previously expressed concern that vaccine passports would exacerbate racial and economic disparities. Some US Republicans have shown disapproval of vaccine passports, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who promised an executive order barring the state from participating in any vaccination credentialing efforts. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, also opposed to requirements to show proof of vaccination, issued an executive order on April 5 saying government agencies, private businesses, and institutions that receive state funding cannot require people to show proof that they have been vaccinated on the grounds that vaccination status is private health information.
White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients has said there will not be a federally mandated vaccination credentialing system and has promised more information in the coming weeks. US officials say they are struggling with several challenges in devising recommendations, including data privacy and health-care equity. Several international and US efforts are underway to provide guidance, including those by the WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate Working Group, the Vaccination Credential Initiative, and the US Federal Health IT Coordinating Council

8 thoughts on “White House Says there will not be a Federally Mandated Vaccine Certificates or Passports

  1. Wearing the mask/face diaper will become obligatory for those who have refused to receive the gene manipulation injection.

    It’s the new Star of David.

  2. Oh they want vaccine passports, it’s just that Dementia Joe forgot he screamed Jim Crow because Georgia wanted voter ID.

  3. It’s a matter of time before they mandate vaccines and also passports. Probably before Fall. Just wait and see. It’s all part of the initial plan when virus “escaped” that Wuhan laboratory.

  4. It’s a matter of time before they mandate vaccines and also passports. Probably before Fall. Just wait and see. It’s all part of the initial plan when virus “escaped” that Wuhan laboratory.

  5. RE: “White House Says there will not be a Federally Mandated Vaccine Certificates or Passports”


    Well, Here’s the truth of the matter:

    1) First of all Biden’s a liar, so you can’t trust what he says

    2) They will coordinate with private companies (Airlines /travel industry, etc.) and Sate and local governments to have THEM create the COVID Passports

    3) They will NOT CALL them “COVID Passports” but will NAME them SOMETHING ELSE (perhaps American Liberty Cards ???) so they can obfuscate their true meaning and can insist that they kept their word and didn’t issue “COVID Passports”

    4) They will not make them MANDATORY, but if you want to do anything or go anywhere you will need to have one due to each individual state or each local company’s rules and requirements

    5) And Finally, after months/years of this situation, the government will reluctantly step in and “in order to end all the confusion and maintain fairness and consistency” finally issue a “Federal Health ID”, which will be heavily promoted and fully backed by the media the schools and many politicians (as well as most of your clueless neighbors)

  6. Im not getting the vaccine.
    If Bill Gates is for it… I’m against it..
    Why? Because we do not know the LONG TERM side effects.
    When i had cancer i had no choice. Either take the chemo with the KNOWN 20 years later side effects of luekemia and heart disease… or DIE NOW. So I took the chemo and ‘reset’ the clock for 20 years.
    I’ll take my chances with COVID.. not gonna died since I’m not fat, diabetic, or have any underlying conditions.
    If YOU DO, then take the shot.
    I’ll accept that 2% risk of dying instead of an UNKNOWN FUTURE side effect.

  7. Well, there used to be those WHO yellow cards with your immunization record. When I lived in South America about 15 years ago, I had it to prove that I was vaccinated against Yellow Fever. Depending on what countries you travelled in, you could be required to show it or you simply would not be allowed to enter certain countries. Twice I was asked to prove I was vaccinated when travelling between Brazil and Bolivia. Not every time, but depending on the status of outbreaks at the time. So proving you’re vaccinated within a certain contex, I don’t personally have an issue with it. I can tell you on both those occasions, I simply would not have been allowed to get on my flight if I didn’t produce that yellow card.

  8. Exactly.
    We are not like South America
    (or at least we used to not be like South America)

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